Fans mixed on Packers draft

The Green Bay Packers finished with 11 picks in the 70th annual NFL Draft.<p> fielded opinions from fans on general manager Ted Thompson's first draft with the Packers. Here are some of the grades that Thompson received from fans:

Ken Brunasky ( of Bridgeville, Pa. says:

Draft Grade: D-

Here's why: The only things that prevented them from getting an F were drafting Aaron Rodgers in round 1 and picking up the two quality receivers in rounds 2 and 6.

I was shocked and aghast when they took Nick Collins with their first second round pick....can you say, R-E-A-C-H?? Many publications had him as a 4th or 5th rounder. Day two was even worse. The Packers wasted pick after pick on small school, Division I-AA talent that was evaluated much lower by many draft experts. While other teams drafted proven talent from big time college programs the Packers beat the bushes drafting minor leaguers!! Outside of QB Rodgers and WRs Murphy and Bragg the Packers will be lucky if ANY of their other selections make the 53 man depth chart. I am disgusted they wasted draft picks on players that they probably would have been able to sign as undrafted free agents!! I'd much rather provide opportunities to four or five players with solid, proven production in big time programs rather than gamble on eight guys with little or no exposure to elite competition.

So much for the pathetic Packer defense receiving any high quality, impact talent from the 2005 draft class. If this defense is going to be any better for the 2005 campaign defensive guru Jim Bates is going to have to perform the task with magic or smoke and mirrors because there is no talent on the roster. Also, with no quality up-grade coming from the draft at the guard position new QB Aaron Rodgers time may come sooner than he thinks.

In summation this Packer draft stinks.

Randy ( of Albuquerque, N.M., says:

Draft Grade: D

Here's why: I don't see one player that the Packers drafted that will start this upcoming season with the exception of special teams. There were many Cornerbacks ranked ahead of Nick Collins when he was taken with the 51st pick. I don't understand this pick nor picking a wide receiver with the # 58 pick. Opposing quarterbacks had a whopping 99 % pass rating against the defense (worst in the NFL) last season and Green Bay did little to improve their personnel to put pressure on the quarterback. Teams such as Minnesota and Dallas drafted for need vs the Packers taking the best player available. If I were Brett, i would be wondering if the Packers are committed to winning now. From this draft, it sure does not look like it.

Bob ( in Chicago says: Draft Grade: D

Here's why: I would definately give the Packers an F for their draft this year. It is so clear that they are trying to rebuild that there is no hope for their fans to have a fun season.

Matt ( of Pittsburgh, Pa., says:

Draft Grade: B

Here's why: I am extremely happy with the selection of Rodgers. No longer will we have to worry as much about when Brett leaves because we have a solid young guy to come right in. In regards to the other picks, they may not have been household names, but they all seem to fit nicely into our new scheme and the recievers add solid depth and a threat in the return game. I am especially anxious to see Collins and Montgomery next year. I think both will make an impact. Overall a nice strategical draft in getting ELEVEN football players.

Robert Pape ( of Menomonee Falls, Wis. says: Draft Grade: Big, fat "D"

Here's why: It looks like they are counting on Favre to carry the season while they build for the future - again.

Craig Nall has never done poorly - why isn't he considered the "Heir to the Throne"? So now we have a 'future' quarterback, another receiver (trade bait?) and a safety who might take two years to learn the game to complement two clueless cornerbacks who still haven't figured it out.

Here's hoping the late picks can come through or we are in for a woeful season of high-scoring losses.

Joel Dahlby ( of Los Alamos, N.M. says:

Draft Grade: B

Here's why: For years the "experts" have been criticizing the Packer organization because they didn't draft a quarterback. Now that they did, they are being criticized for doing that.

The Packers hired hard-working professionals to do their drafting. For some reason, they didn't hire us "expert sideliners". So, let's wait to see how things progress before we judge too harshly.

Barbara Beggs ( of Severn, Md. (born in Clintonville, WI):

Draft Grade: B

Here's why: Couldn't pass up Rodgers no matter what we need. We won't have to ransom the future when we need Brett's replacement. Yes, we need defense but don't mind the receiver picks either -- we note that when Javon went out last year we were in trouble on offense. Brett needs receivers too! Ken Parrish ( of Lynchburg, Va., says:

Draft Grade: F-

Here's why: Is Thompson still working for Seattle? When I watched opposing offenses run roughshod over the pathetic GB defense (a line that puts almost no pressure on the QB, backs who can't defend the pass - unless, of course they hold, players who can't tackle) ("Remember the Titans" isn't just a movie title), my first thought wasn't, "what this team really needs is a backup QB."

It doesn't matter who the defensive coordinator is. If your players have no talent (or brains, Draft pick Nick Collins scored a 10 on the Wonderlic test!), you're not going to stop the opposing offense. One of the few players from last years team with talent now wears purple, and the defense gets zero help from the draft?

Bob Bernier says:

Draft Grade: C-

Here's why: The only thing that kept him from getting a D. Would be that he had enough sense to take Aaron Rodgers. His second round picks were a safety who may not be able to play in the NFL and a receiver they didn't need. The only pick he made that I think was a good pick for this team was Brady Poppinga. Thompson must think we have one hell of a defense in Green Bay. Because he pretty much drafted long term projects with every pick.

Bill Schindler ( of Anchorage, Alaska says:

Draft Grade: C

Here's why: The 2 LB's drafted have history of injuries (hopefully they will work out, or at least one of them.) I'm surprised they didn't take Earnest Shazor of Michigan as he has potential to be a LB. It was tough to pass with Rodgers being the first pick, but I had faith in Craig Nall even though he has not played much. Rodgers will make lot more "$$$" than Nall, so I wonder how that makes Nall feel? I was thinking Pack drafted Rodgers to trade him, but don't look like the case.

Bill Raatz ( says:

Draft Grade: D

Here's why: If Favre plays 3 or more years (which I hope) then Ted Deserves an "F". From the outside, the 2005 Draft picks makes little to no sense.

Jason Anderson ( of Fargo, N.D. says:

Draft Grade: F

Here's why: After watching the second round on Saturday I was in total shock. Where was our pass rushing DE or our bone jarring LB? Instead, we were left with a bag full of question marks and more gray hairs. This draft, in three years, might turn out to be alright, BUT Brett won't be here in three years. We need to win NOW. Unless Ted Thompson can gather some capable players after June 1 to step in and make an immediate impact, our season is a wash and so is this years draft.

Zach Droeszler ( of Hazel Green, Wis., says:

Draft Grade - B-

Here's why: I give this grade because I like the picks. Poppinga and Montgomery may push for a starting spot and Michael Hawkins looks like he could have a HUGE upside. Unless Thompson has a deal involving maybe Ferguson, I totally disagree with WR picks especially Terrence Murphy because there were still some very quality defensive players in the draft. The versatility of the defensive backs helps with the depth with Nick Collins and Marvial Underwood competing for playing time. I disagreed with the Rodgers pick at first, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. says:

Draft Grade: B-

Here's why: Aaron Rodgers is a steal - I think he will be legit in a few years. However, I don't know if we addressed our much needed defensive woes. I'm sure Thompson and co. know more than I do, but I don't understand why we drafted this Nick Collins guy in the second round when he'd probably be available on the second day. Also unsure about taking a WR in the second. I would have preferred a beats like Dan Cody or something. Also, why did we pass on the Anttaj Hawthorne when he was readily available? Same with Ernest Shazor. I do think some of these raw athletic players will produce.

Avster 21 says: Draft Grade - C

Here's why: While the pick-up of Aaron Rodgers was very nice, Nick Collins was a reach in the second round and the Packers have no need for Terrence Murphy. The rest of the Packers picks are average and do make up for the mess they made in the second round. says:

Draft Grade: D

Here's why: I watched the draft and do not understand the Packers (nor did the people from ESPN). They look like they do not have anything that resembles a "plan" when it comes to drafting football players (Liked the Cowboys Plan). I think they could do better if they threw darts at a board. Their defense this past year was inconsistent to poor! They needed to shore up the "D" (The Vikings had a great off season in getting free agents and a great draft!!!!). If they cannot stop anyone, they (the Offense) are in for a long season. I hope they can entice the good free agents that are available (i.e. Ernest Shazor -Safety, Browner - Big CB, James Davis - DE, and Ben Wilkerson - Center). Brett Favre deserves a good defense. We all hope he stays and plays for at least 3 more years. But if GB cannot stop anyone, it will be in his (and the offense) hands to out score the opponents (didn't we see this with Indy - but at least they made good strides to have a better D). The many "Pack Fans" that I know are, again (4 years now), disappointed with the Packers Draft. Still a Pack Fan!

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