NFL-E Week 4 Packers roundup

Scott McBrien got his first start at quarterback but the Rhein Fire remained winless in NFL Europe after falling 30-28 to the Berlin Thunder on Saturday.<p>

McBrien completed 16 of 22 passes for 198 yards and a touchdown. He played in the first two quarters before giving way to Philadelphia's Andy Hall. McBrien and Hall have been rotating throughout the NFL Europe season.

The Fire (0-4) and Thunder (3-1) were tied 14-14 at halftime when McBrien left the game.

Here is a roundup of how the players allocated by Green Bay performed over the weekend:

Berlin Thunder 30, at Rhein Fire 28 (April 23)

(Attendance: 20,399)

Packers allocations:

Scott McBrien, QB, Rhein Fire - started at QB

Chris Day, S, Rhein Fire - substitute

Steve Morley, G/T, Rhein Fire, substitute

Doug Sims, DT, Rhein Fire - substitute

Joe Quinn, G, Rhein Fire - on injured reserve

Joseph Hayes, G, Berlin Thunder - not on game day roster due to an injury

Individual results:
McBrien was 16-for-22 for 198 yards and 1 touchdown. He was sacked once for an 11-yard loss and threw one interception. He also ran three times for 9 yards.

Day had one tackle.

Amsterdam Admirals 37, at Cologne Centurions 24 (April 23)

(Attendance: 8,863)

Packers allocations:

John Garrett, LB, Amsterdam Admirals - substitute

Wendell Williams, S, Cologne Centurions - on injured reserve

Individual results:
Garrett did not have any tackles.

Hamburg Sea Devils 30, at at Frankfurt Galaxy 10 (April 23)

(Attendance: 22,347)

Packers allocations:

B.J. Sander, P, Hamburg Sea Devils

Nick McNeil, LB, Hamburg Sea Devils - started at MLB

Shawn Morgan, LB, Hamburg Sea Devils - substitute

Art Smith, CB, Hamburg Sea Devils - on Sea Devils practice squad

Sam Breeden, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at WRZ

Jamal Jones, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at WRX

Seante Williams, DE, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at RDE

Kelvin Kight, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - not on game day roster

Chonn Lacey, S, Frankfurt Galaxy - not on game day roster due to an injury

Individual results:
Sander had punts of 48 and 41 yards, both landing inside the 20-yard line.

Williams had one tackle and one sack for a loss of 8 yards.

Jones had 4 catches for 77 yards, including a 30-yard catch.

Breeden had 3 catches for 37 yards, including a 23 yard catch.

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