Green shows remorse

Ahman Green participated in the first day of the Green Bay Packers voluntary practices, then made a statement in front of the media today. The Packers running back was arrested late Monday in a domestic violence incident at his Green Bay area home.<p>

Green, 28, was jailed briefly before posting a $150 bond. According to a police report, Green and his wife, Heather, had an argument at his home Monday night. Heather Green, 33, tried to dial 911, but Ahman hung up the phone and prevented her from calling, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Department. There were no indications of physical abuse or damage within the Greens' new Ledgeview home, but deputies had sufficient information to arrest Green.

This is Green's third domestic violence incident since 1999. The two other incidents occurred out of state with his former wife.

Green spoke to the media, but declined to answer questions.

"Right now it's a personal thing that myself and my family would like to handle privately, Green said. "I know you guys (media) have to do your job, but also know that there's two sides to the story and not to take something out of context and run with it. ... The people that know me, my family and friends that love me know what type of person I am. Some of the people in this room know what type of person I am. I'm genuine and I'm true.

"When everything is said and done, and it's behind us, we can move on. I can move on with my life. My family can move on. I'm only human, just like anybody else. In this country, in this world things happen. I'd like to thank the organization, the Green Bay Packers, for supporting me through this heartache that we have going on in my life and my family's life."

"I appreciate you giving us our privacy for getting us through this bump in the road and my family, and basically for me to focus on football and the things that I do on the football field and for my team, and in the home for my family and for my kids and for my extended family members out there in Nebraska and in California. People that I'm talking to that know and love me know that I'm OK. I've been through this, unfortunately, before. I'm a grown man. I know can handle this, but if I do need support and I've got to lean on somebody's shoulders, I will. To all those friends who are leaving me messages, it's important to me. Continue to do that. If I do need a pickup, I will make a phone call and talk to who I need to to get through this for myself and for my family."

In 1999, Green was arrested in Kirkland, Wash., and spent a night in jail afer he allegedly pushed a door into his girlfriend's face, according to reports. Green was a rookie with the Seattle Seahawks at the time. In May of 2002, the same woman who was at the time married to Green received a protection order against Green while they lived together in Omaha, Neb. She cited threats and made allegations of physical abuse. The order was later dropped. In March of 2003, an argument between the two in Lincoln, Neb., resulted in a public disturbance citation.

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