Memorabilia: Favre is hot

Future NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre's memorabilia is hot!

Brett has thousands of items adorning his picture and autograph, including programs, yearbooks, bobbing head dolls, jerseys, prints, photographs, buttons, helmets, clothing, mugs, and much more! Brett has more than 1,500 different football cards and over 40 bobbing head dolls. Brett's autograph is valued at $35 to hundreds of dollars depending on the item.

I often am asked if Favre's memorabilia will jump in value when he goes into the NFL Hall Of Fame, and the answer is NO. Because Brett is already considered a lock for the NFL Hall Of Fame and because his memorabilia is already very valuable, his memorabilia will not rise drastically in value when he goes to Canton. NFL players that go into the HOF unexpectantly increase much more in value than players such as Brett Favre, Reggie White, Emmitt Smith, Dan Marino, John Elway and others that are expected to go into the HOF.

Think about the value of an item before framing it. If you are going to frame an item, remember that you can spend much more than the item is worth having it framed. We recently had a gentleman spend $100 framing a Super Bowl XXXI newspaper worth $5. Below is a list of prices for Favre's memorabilia. The price range depends on the item and the quality of the autograph.

Signed football $75-$300
Bobbing Head Dolls $15-$300
Signed photos $45-$250
Signed helmets $55-$350
Books (signed) $45-$95
Books (unsigned) $10-$25
Signed jerseys $65-$350
Signed prints $100-$500
(depending on framing)

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