Center chimes in on Walker

Center Mike Flanagan joined Brett Favre in disapproving Javon Walker's contract holdout. Flanagan spoke on a national radio show Wednesday and aired his concerns.

Walker did not participate in the team's recent post-draft mini-camp because he wants a new contract. The receiver has two years remaining on his existing contract. He is scheduled to receive a base salary of $515,000 this season and $650,000 next season.

Last year, his third in the league, Walker led the Packers with 89 catches for 1,382 yards and was named to his first Pro Bowl. Green Bay's top pick in 2002, Walker had 23 catches (319 yards) as a rookie and 41 catches (716 yards) in 2003.

"Javon wasn't holding out last year before he went to the Pro Bowl, but now that he went to the Pro Bowl, all of a sudden he deserves more money when in the reality of it, he's playing like he's supposed to play beging a first-round pick," Flanagan said.

With the exception of Brett Favre, the Packers have never renegotiated a player's contract with more than one year remaining.

"If Javon tries to force the hand and force them (the Packers) to re-do a deal, there's gonna be 10 guys knocking on the (management's) door and saying, 'I'm holding out, too,'" Flanagan said, "and I'll tell you I'm going to be one of them. "I went to the Pro Bowl two years ago and I didn't walk upstairs with my hand out and say, 'I deserve more money.' They're paying us a ton of money, some guys more than others. Some guys are earning their pay and some guys aren't. The reality of it is your contract is never going to be exactly where it should be because you're going to fluctuate from year to year."

Flanagan, a 10th year pro, is entering his fifth straight season as the Packers' starting center.

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