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Here are e-mails and letters recently received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:

Packer Report,
Look at the players Rosenhaus represents, and the problem becomes very apparent.
Mike McKenzie, Packers
Javon Walker, Packers
Terrell Owens, Eagles
Anquan Boldin, Cardinals
All of these players are demanding new contracts with more money. Rosenhaus gets paid a percentage of the players salary. Bigger salary, bigger payment to Rosenhaus.
C.J. Frommeyer, Rockledge, Fla.

Packer Report,
My God what a relief to read this and know how Brett feels about this! I'm so glad this is said. I'm glad Brett isn't PC about it and voicing his thoughts in regards to Walker with pulled punches. More of this needs to be said about hold outs. I hate hold outs, and any Packer fan really should. They are so selfish, in a sport that is a team sport.
Stand on the roof-tops telling this word by Brett!
Dave Doty, Fond du Lac, WI

Packer Report,
If Rosenhaus is involved, you can bet lack of integrity and trust in addition to a big new illegal salary demand will follow. Where else on this planet can someone sign a contract giving his word and then renege invariably with Drew Rosenhaus as his agent? Why should a team bother signing a contract with this agent and his players beyond more than one year? It appears that Drew and his clients cannot count too much higher than that.

How in the heckfire can a player and agent fail to meet conditions with a 49ers contract, then weasel their way out of that legal condition to get traded to the Ravens, THEN refuse that legally conducted transaction to demand to play for the Eagles, and THEN the following year after a limited playing performance due to injury, demand a new contract in the second year of a seven-year contract based on bloated opinion of oneself? This is nuts!

It is one thing for a team to reward someone for playing above his talent level with a new contract before its time, it is quite another for a gifted player and his agent to illegally extort compensation above that agreed to by failing to live up to their legal bond and word. Just because a team rewards one player does not mean there is legal precedent for all players to renegotiate based on press clippings...that's what is supposed to be in the contract....that's why contracts are drawn up with clauses and conditions.

There is no logic to agents and players to decide unilaterally that it is time for them to abrogate a contract, any more than there precedent for an injured player to pay back the league if they get lazy, fat or hurt and fail to play to expectations. To apply Rosenhaus logic to the reverse of this situation would mean that good ole Clete Hunt and Joe Johnson and their agents should pay back the Packers for multi-years because the caliber of their play wasn't anywhere in the galaxy close to what they were signed for. I guarantee non of us fans will see that headline.

If the league were to renege on player retirement or rights, you can bet that player lawyers and player association lawyers and anyone else trying to sidle up to the trough will be all over the league office, but yet it is OK for the Terrell Owens's, Drew Rosenhaus's, Mike McKenzies and other untrustworthy, unethical, honor-less, greedy, figuratively porcine-y people to demand more than they agreed to be paid.

I suggest that there needs to be a league rule or law that bars a player from ever participating on another team if he reneges on his contract-let all these studs in their own minds play another sport...how about Australian Rules Football for Terrell? If the player wants to get back in the league after his contract period is over, he perhaps could do so by first paying damages to the club he broke his contract with. Why do the majority in this league follow the rules and the Rosenhaus stable of prima donnas get allowed to break their personal bond? The message is that some players don't have to follow the rules; some players and agents are not as good as their word. The Rosenhaus model: what follow the existing contract when you could balloon your commission by shopping your players around the league regardless of legal contracts or trades?

Perhaps the fans need lawyers, especially in the case of a club team like the Packers to sue Mike McKenzie, Drew Rosenhaus and the rest of their ilk for damages to team, both in terms of salary paid for players to replace them and estimated playoff or championship damages for illegally rending the morale and moral fabric of the team. They need to play to their contracts or quit; why reward them for bad behavior? Where is the honor? What is the lesson for young athletes here?

Drew Rosenhaus' approach to contracts is a cancer on the NFL-Paul Tagliabue and the league need to decide to act on this perversion that illegally destabilizes teams and imbalances the league at the whim of individual narcissism and greed before it spreads to even more agents, players and contracts.

Javon, you were magnificent last year. The team waited through some of your freshman and sophomore year drop-sies as you developed. You need to drop Rosenhaus like a hot rock and find an agent that deals in good faith and honors contracts. Holding out, not practicing with your team, and demanding more money while a current contract is in force says volumes about what is important to you. You figure out which one of two things it is-1) the guy you see in the mirror or 2) values, honor, team and the fans who help pay your salary. Your holdout this week has already hurt your preparation, your team's preparation, and your fans. There is no I in team and TEAMS win the Super Bowl.

Fed up with Rosenhaus and his players,
Gregg Petersen, Packer fan since '56 (Sig29@aol.com)

Packer Report,
I hope our Packer brass and fans take a hint from last year thrice world champions New England Patriots and try to lure Brett Favre to play at least until he is 40, as the Patriots have re-signed the 42 years old Doug Flutie for one more year. Barring a severe injury, Brett can play with his long experience in the game and can always make adjustments and improvements as he has tried and shown of late.

Granted he could have done more. But he is a human being nevertheless and has the fire and ability to make Green Bay champions a couple more times, provided our franchise provides him with a sufficient and able cast to win.

Let's not start now or in the near future with a rookie who will need four or five years of making mistakes to learn to play and to play the game. Let's keep Brett to dazzle us, until he wants and can!
Antonio Monaco, Chicago, Ill.

Packer Report,
If the Green Bay Packers are wise, they'll trade Javon Walker ASAP before he becomes a distraction to the team. Favre is right, they can win without him. What they need is defensive help. So I say trade him now for a good defensive player.
Personally, as a middle class American, I'm fed up with greedy, whining, millionaire athletes like Walker.
Ken Parrish, Lynchburg, VA

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