QB shines in NFL-E Week 6

Green Bay Packers allocated quarterback Scott McBrien enjoyed his best game in NFL Europe on Saturday when he lead the Fire to a 24-19 victory over the Hamburg Sea Devils at the LTU Arena.

McBrien threw a short pass to running back Brandon Miree, who broke a tackle and romped 55 yards to open the scoring. Rhein won its first game of the season in six tries.

"The play was perfectly called, because when I came out into the flat it was wide open," explained Miree, a Denver Broncos allocated back. "Scott made a great throw over the defensive player, and I saw Glenn Martinez blocking deep downfield. I pointed out for him to block one particular guy, and the other guy came free, but he didn't go low on the tackle and I really just shouldered him to the ground and sprinted to the endzone."

Early in the second quarter, McBrien hit Cedric James for a 42-yard score and a 14-0 lead. Hamburg scored early in the final period to make it 24-19, but a strong Fire defensive showing ensured that the Sea Devils (3-3) could not come up with a last minute win as Berlin and Frankfurt had done in the team's two previous fixtures.

McBrien again played the entire game. He rotated with Philadelphia-allocated QB Andy Hall during the first four games of the NFL Europe season.

Here is a roundup of how the players allocated by Green Bay performed over the weekend:
at Rhein Fire 24, Hamburg Sea Devils 19, (May 7)
(Attendance: 18,632)
Packers allocations:
Scott McBrien, QB, Rhein Fire - started at QB
Chris Day, S, Rhein Fire - substitute
Steve Morley, G, Rhein Fire, substitute
Doug Sims, DT, Rhein Fire - substitute
Joe Quinn, G, Rhein Fire - on injured reserve
B.J. Sander, P, Hamburg Sea Devils
Nick McNeil, LB, Hamburg Sea Devils - started at MLB
Shawn Morgan, LB, Hamburg Sea Devils - substitute at LB
Art Smith, CB, Hamburg Sea Devils - on Sea Devils practice squad
Individual results:
McBrien was 13 of 22 for 231 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. He was not sacked and finished with a passer rating of 125.4.
Day had one tackle for the Fire.
Sander punted once for 39 yards.
McNeil led the Sea Devils with 11 tackles, and also had one special teams tackle.
Morgan had seven tackles for the Sea Devils.

at Amsterdam Admirals 48, Frankfurt Galaxy 10 (May 8)
(Attendance: 13,227)
Packers allocations:
John Garrett, LB, Amsterdam Admirals - substitute
Sam Breeden, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at WR
Jamal Jones, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at WR
Seante Williams, DE, Frankfurt Galaxy - started at RDE
Kelvin Kight, WR, Frankfurt Galaxy - on injured reserve
Individual results:
Garrett had two tackles.
Breeden had one catch for 10 yards, and rushed two times for 23 yards.
Williams had three tackles.

at Cologne Centurions 23, Berlin Thunder 17 (May 8)
(Attendance: 9,485)
Packers allocations:
Wendell Williams, S, Cologne Centurions - on injured reserve
Joseph Hayes, G, Berlin Thunder - on injured reserve

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