Packer trivia answers

Here are the answers to the Packer Trivia questions on the 1982 season:

1. C, Bart Starr. In his second-to-last season as coach, Starr guided the Packers to a 5-3-1 record and a spot in the playoffs.

2. C, Chicago Bears. The Packers were scheduled to play the Bears Oct. 10 at Soldier Field and Oct. 31 at Lambeau Field but those games were lost to the strike and never made up.

3. B, Gary Lewis. The lanky tight end out of Texas-Arlington blocked an extra point against the New York Jets and field goals against the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Baltimore Colts to set the Packer record.

4. D, Mike Douglass. "Mad Dog" started all nine games and the two playoff games for the 1982 Packers. Douglass picked off two passes and amassed 57 unassisted tackles during the regular-season and 21 more in the playoffs in the fifth of his eight seasons in Green Bay.

5. A, John Anderson. Those three interceptions helped Anderson, a native of Waukesha, Wis., earn the Packers' Defensive MVP Award. Anderson, who was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame in 1996, received the award from state sportswriters and broadcasters.

6. A, Phillip Epps. The Packers got a lot of mileage out of Epps, who was the team's final pick (12th round) in the 1982 draft.

7. B, James Lofton. The career-low is a deceiving term because of the games lost to the strike. Lofton averaged 19.9 yards on those 35 catches.

8. C, Billy Sims. The 1978 Heisman Trophy winner rushed for 109 yards on 29 attempts in the Detroit Lions 30-10 win over the Packers Dec. 12, 1982.

9. C, St. Louis Cardinals. In their first playoff game since 1982 and their first home playoff game since the famed Ice Bowl, the Packers scored 21 points in the second quarter in stomping the Cards.

10. B, Dallas Cowboys. The Packers fell behind 20-7 at half but made a late run at the Cowboys before Dallas sealed the 37-26 win with a late touchdown.

11. A, Mark Lee. Lee's pick got the Packers to within four in the fourth quarter but they could get no closer because of a Cowboy score and interception.

James Lofton. Utilizing the reverse, Lofton scored on an 83-yard run against the New York Giants Sept. 20, 1982 and on a 71-yard dash against the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.

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