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Here are letters and e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth in the past week:

I have to agree with you on players holding out for more money that have more that one year left in their contract. The League needs to step in and establish some regulations concerning these matters, because the longer this goes on the more is going to hurt the game of Football.

Aside from the fines players face from their teams by missing practices and/or games due to holdouts, the League should also punish them, and I truly wish we could punish the agents (Rosenhaus) somehow for inserting devious ideas into this young players minds.

Favre said it best, if you have a problem with the club/team you are in. Walk into the personnel office and address it. Do not hold out.

If I was unhappy at my job for something, I speak to my manager and/or Human Resources, I wouldn't just stop going to work and think things are going to go my way.

Luis Mora, Boca Raton, FL. (Luis.Mora@bxgcorp.com)

Dear editor,
Recent reports that Robert Ferguson has been practically blind in one eye beg a question: Don't they give physicals in Green Bay to all players? Of course they do. So would someone please add "mandatory annual vision exam" to the list of tests!
John C. Stauber, Madison, Wis. (stauber@tds.net)

The Packer Report did its share by featuring Channing Crowder on the front page of the April issue (Vol. 33, No. 18).

Green Bay drafted an unknown in Round Two of the draft. this is what Dolphins coach Nick Saban has to say about his Round Three choice, and he couldn't mask his enthusiasm: "I think Channing Crowder did a fantastic job, not only as a football player and showing that he has the ability to do things, but this guy's got some natural leadership qualities."

Maybe the Pack dropped the ball?
Bill Chadwick, Eustis, Fla.

I think it is time for the NFL to revoke Drew Rosenhaus's license to represent players. He obviously has no principles and is a detriment to the sport of football. Every time he urges a player to hold out when they are under contract the league should sue him for specific performance. All contracts with players represented by Rosenhaus should be written on toilet paper. At least then they would be good for something.

Like most fans I am frustrated and angered by the salary situation in football and professional sports in general. Contracts are a joke; neither side lives up to a contract any more. The players throw a temper tantrum and refuse to play any time they are unhappy with their current multimillion dollar contract. Teams agree to over inflated deals and then cut the player when they can't afford to pay him or they think they aren't getting their moneys worth.

I think the best solution is to eliminate individual contracts. There are already established minimum salaries for players in the NFL. If a performance based bonus structure were added to the league minimums it would solve the whole problem. Bonuses could be paid for rushing yards, receptions, tackles and every other statistic that is recorded. With all of the statistical information that is gathered it should be possible to analyze and rate the performance of every player in the league.

The players who play the best would be paid the best and players could still earn millions of dollars each year. There would be no more problems with players feeling underpaid or underachievers being overpaid. The salary cap could be eliminated which would slow down the revolving door on NFL locker rooms.

I realize this would be a complicated system that would require a lot of work to set up. But with the players agreement currently being negotiated it would be an ideal time to implement such a system.
David Morley, Melbourne Beach, FL (davidmorley@att.com)

Dear Todd:
I too spit up my Rice Krispies, but more from disbelief in your commentary (Vol. 33, No. 19) than any laughter on my part. I usually agree with the majority of your writings, but in the Jervon Walker situation I can't disagree more.

Why give into Jervon Walker's demands? Why negotiate more than a one year contract then? Does job security factor into this at all? Does it matter that Jervon Walker is the recipient of passes thrown by one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time? Would he be at the same level with a Collins, Couch, or Dilfer behind center? Does he dominate a game like a Rice, Owens, or (when he wants to play) Moss?

He's just not there yet. When we pay for potential we end up with the Cletius Hunts of this world. Can't we just say lesson learned, and move on.

Why not give into Mr. Walker's and Rosenhaus' demands? How about for the next McKenzie or Walker that hires this cancer. When does it stop?

Todd, I enjoy your column, and I loyally support the Packers. One player does not a team make, and the Packers can and must go on without Jervon Walker and the cancer he has brought with him. I must end this now, because it's my turn to clean up the yard after the dog. I hope I don't step in any Rosenhaus.
Jon L. Olson, Andover, MN (JOlson8990@cs.com)


I've been a Packer Fan since 1960 and I am tired of hearing of these holdouts from players who sign mutiyear contracts. If the money is not what you think you deserve then Don't sign a multi year contract. Play it one year at a time. If you want the security of a multi year contract and sign one, then make sure its what you want before you sign it. He signed a contract back in 2002 worth 7.5 million.

What's the matter, not enough for him as an unproven rookie. No one forced him to sign the contract, now he wants a new one. Bull, Let him live up to the contract he signed. If he wants to redo his contract, let him give back half of his 4 million signing bonus and start over. Bet he wont do that! Its a give an take process so if he wants new contract let him show he's willing to do what's right and give back 2 million to the Packers and then ask them to redo his contract. One more thing, his quote "This is a decision (on holding out) that I had to make as a man, and I hope people can respect that." Well, a real man would honor his contract and show up for mini-camp and try to show his teammates he cares about the team. Personally, If he's going start acting like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, who wants him, let him sit out for 2 years and see what happens to his career, Maybe, if he has to go to work like the rest of us, he'll be thankful for the opportunity he has.
Joseph Kempski, Chandler, AZ

I am in the military and I love football in fact i can't get enough of it. I am from Wisconsin and of course the Packers are my favorite team. Almost every player in the NFL makes more money playing in one game than I do in the whole year. I signed a contract to come in and can't back out. Why would I? When you sign a contract you give your word that you will be there until it runs out. And when you get to play a game, yes, a GAME that I play almost every chance I can get it's fun, yes, FUN.

I thought football was supposed to be fun. I know the NFL is a business, but you still get to play it and get paid big bucks that most of the people in America only can dream of. Yes, Walker played great last year but what happened his first two years? He showed some signs of potential but that's it. I think he needs to come back and have a another season just like last year and then look at what he deserves, not being a money-grabbing player. That's what I think of him right now.

This is still a team sport. If he did his job for the first time that doesn't mean he is deserving of the big bucks yet. And this is for Walker if he reads this: BE a man. Live up to your word and play. Have fun, do your best, and you will get paid when the time is right. Remember you are a part of a team and not just the one you suit up for, but the whole NFL.

Hey Mr. Korth,
My name is Mike Franco and I am a devoted Packer fan who lives in the mountains of North Carolina. I go on Packernet everyday and I am constantly seeing articles talking about Javon Walker's stupid holdout. As you said in your article these teams need to stand up to these jerks and not give them a new contract. I feel perfectly fine letting Robert Ferguson step in and do Walker's job. Walker is just another T.O looking out for himself and not the team or the fans. Does Walker not know that each day he continues with this holdout, fans lose more and more respect? He is an idiot and I have lost all my respect for that man.
Mike Franco, frankkyd44@yahoo.com

Hello Todd,
The difference between Dorsey Levens/ Antonio Freeman and Javon Walker is that Dorsey and Antonio where not under contract when they didn't report to camps. They where free agents! That is not a hold out! I have no problem with what they did. I wouldn't report to work until I had a contract and knew what I'd be paid, would you?

Javon is under contract therefore he should be at work. If Javon felt like he'd be a Pro-bowl player when he signed his rookie contract, he should have had incentive clauses put into his contract so he'd be paid like pro-bowler, should that occur.
Ted Strass, Watertown, Wis. (tstrass@wahs.com)

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