Scott McBrien Q&A

Rhein Fire quarterback Scott McBrien took time after the team's 24-15 loss in rainy Berlin Saturday to answer some of the questions sent in by fans throughout the week.

The Green Bay Packers allocated passer, who is tied for the league lead with nine touchdown passes this season, has been one of the shining lights on a 1-6 Rhein team.

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Q: What does it feel like having such an impact on the team since you got on the field in Hamburg?
Christian Fern, Oberhausen, Germany
SM: It really feels good to have an impact on this offense and on this team as a quarterback and as a leader ever since the Hamburg game. I really think that our Week Three game against Hamburg really gave me confidence as a quarterback and as a football player with leading this team. We really put a lot of points on the board and I think that really set the tone for me as a quarterback and as a leader of this football team.

Q: What do you think about Peter Heyer's performance on the offensive line? My impression is that one year of practice with the Rams totally lifted his style of playing. He really seems to be the anchor of the gang. No matter what, run, pass, he really puts the pedal to the metal, doesn't he?
Marius Baader, Düsseldorf, Germany
SM: I think Peter Heyer is a great offensive lineman. He has really gotten better as the year has gone on. I know that he has been a good lineman in the past but I think that he has really improved his playing this year. We watched Peter on film from last year and he has always been a great player and will continue to be a great player. I think that he does deserve a shot at the NFL and I think that he will get a shot. Peter is a great offensive lineman and for me as a quarterback, knowing that I have someone like him on my offensive line really gives me confidence. I know that he is going to do his job and give me time to throw the ball, protecting me and opening holes up for the running backs. I am just excited to have Peter as one of my offensive linemen.

Q: Do you think you will lead the league in touchdown passes or do you think that Dave Ragone will have more touchdown passes than you?
Bryan Roman, Miami, Florida
SM: For me, leading the league in touchdown passes is something that I really can't worry about. Dave Ragone is also a great quarterback that really throws the ball very well and is up there in the rankings. But that is something that I can't worry about right now. I just have to continue to do my job and move the ball, executing the offense and making the throws that I need to make. Things will turn out in the end. It feels good to be up there in the rankings right now for leading in touchdown passes, but as I said before my main focus right now is to take things one step at a time and one game at a time and worry about getting the next win. If I keep doing that, executing the way that I can execute and playing the way that I can play, then those touchdown passes will come. We will just have to see how that works out in the end.

Q: Do you think that playing in NFL Europe will help you to play in the NFL, and now that you are doing well in NFL Europe do you think Green Bay will give you more of a chance to challenge for the starters job in the near future?
Bryan Archibald, Princeton, Indiana
SM: Playing in NFL Europe definitely gives me a leg up on some of the other quarterbacks in the NFL. This NFL Europe league is definitely a great league for quarterbacks because it helps sharpen your skills and it really helps you become a better quarterback on and off the field. Off the field it helps you in the classroom, studying your opponent and knowing the defenses that our opponents run. It helps you just knowing how to go out there and execute. For me to come over here to Europe has been a great experience. It has really helped me sharpen my skills, making me become a better quarterback. I think that is only going to help me out in the long run. The Green Bay Packers have given me a second shot and hopefully I can go back there and really perform and do well. I performed well last year and did a great job but unfortunately things didn't work out. But they really like me and want me back, and that is the reason why they sent me over here, just to get better and improve as a quarterback. Hopefully this experience is really helping me out, which I feel that it is, and hopefully I can go back to Green Bay just as a better quarterback.

Q: You have been playing at such a high level of football dating back to your days at Maplewood, perennial power Dematha Catholic, and the University of Maryland. Over the years you have also played with many great players. My question is, how ironic is it that your high school teammate, Jamal Jones, was picked up by Green Bay and eventually allocated to NFL Europe?
Edward J. King, New York, NY
SM: I have played with Jamal Jones over the years. I played with him at Dematha Catholic High school. Jamal is a great athlete, a great receiver. He has done a great job for all of the teams that he has played for. For Jamal to be picked up by Green Bay is definitely something special. I played with him in high school and he was my number one connection at that level. He caught everything and found ways to get open, really locating the ball well. He definitely made plays when we needed to make plays. For Jamal to get picked up by Green Bay, that is definitely a confidence booster for me. I know that if I am given a shot and he is given a shot, we can really make things happen. Jamal runs great routes and is a great athlete. He has been doing well over here in NFL Europe. I have been keeping track of him and we talk from time to time. It was unfortunate that he couldn't be on my team over here in NFL Europe. But he is really doing a great job and I am happy to see that. He is a great kid and he will do well wherever he goes, with whatever team he is with. I have been working with him for years and we worked together in the off-season. We are going to get a chance to work together in training camp, so hopefully we can make some things happen.

Q: I've heard that the atmosphere in Düsseldorf is enormous even if you're on a 1-5 record. Can you tell us what's going on inside the arena when the Fire plays?
Dennis, Düsseldorf, Germany
SM: Our fans here in Düsseldorf are just tremendous. They support us 100 percent, no matter what our record is. These fans are diehard fans and they love seeing the Rhein Fire play. It is a great warm feeling that you get when you run out of the tunnel and the fans are yelling and screaming, even when you are 1-5. That is what we need here as a football team. If we know that our fans are behind us, backing us 100 percent, it just gives us more confidence and allows us to go out there and play and have fun. We are fighting for Düsseldorf and our fans, trying to get another win under our belt. These fans have been so loyal and good to us. They are just really nice people. The LTU Arena really rocks when we run out onto the field. They are always going to continue to be great fans and I am just thankful for that.

Q: I was just wondering which quarterbacks you looked up to and idolized growing up and who you're learning from in NFL Europe right now. Keep up the good work and good luck!
Ryan Pomering
SM: Growing up as a kid, I really liked a few quarterbacks. I liked John Elway, Doug Flutie, Steve Young, and Brett Favre. I am fortunate enough to be under Brett Favre right now with the Green Bay Packers. He has been a great quarterback and has taught me a lot during the times that I have been in training camp and minicamps. Just to learn under him is something special. He is a great quarterback and always will be a great quarterback. I just feel special to be able to work under him and to learn from him. I am learning from the best and I am lucky for that.

Q: Do you think that your height is a problem in the pocket? Does it make as much of a difference as people say?
Jeremy Jones, Kenbridge, VA
SM: My height hasn't really been too much of a factor over the years. I have been playing football for a lot of years now and it really hasn't been a problem for me. There are occasions where it might be a problem, but that is probably one or two times out of a whole game. It really hasn't been a problem and I don't see it being a problem even in the NFL. I had great success in training camp last year in Green Bay and I was able to see the field. If you know where you are going with the football and you know what the defense is doing after studying the game plan, the height problem really isn't an issue. I think that it benefits me because I am able to move around in the pocket and I am able to get out of tackles and run, finding the open lanes. It brings me great success. I am small but I really haven't had a problem with it in the past and I don't really see it being a problem for me in the future.

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