Grady Jackson profile

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Grady Jackson recently discussed his interests outside of the football field with Packer Report:

Off-season residence: Jackson, Miss. (born in Greensboro, Ala.)

Marital status: Engaged to Yolanda.

Nickname: ‘G Unit' or ‘Big G'

Vehicle: Bentley and a Harley-Davidson pickup truck

Hobbies/interests: "Relaxing, spending time with the kids and playing basketball."Also enjoys hunting and fishing, as well as playing basketball and softball. Has conducted a free football camp in Greensboro, Ala., for kids ages 9-18 for the last five years.

Favorite meal: "I like to eat at Ruth's Chris Steak House. When I was in New Orleans (2002-03) that turned out to be my favorite place to go."

Favorite breakfast cereal: Cookie Crisp

Favorite music: Rap and R&B

Favorite TV show: "I like the old ones, like the Martin Lawrence Show and Cosby. I watch those with the kids (Allison, 8, Chareka, 6, and Ashley, 2)."

Favorite movie: "Scarface"

Favorite sport other than football: Basketball. Jackson earned three letters as a power forward and center at Greensboro (Ala.) High School. Was named MVP of the basketball team his junior year.

Favorite team growing up: "I liked the bad boys, like the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. I mean look at Jerry Rice and all those cats now. I mean, I played with Jerry Rice (laughs). I liked the Raiders with Bo Jackson and a couple of their defensive guys."

Favorite sports heroes: "Walter Payton. The way he worked. A hard-worker and stuff. It was real good. I liked that a whole lot."

Roommate on the road: None

First thing you did when you made final roster as a rookie with the Raiders: "Nothing special. Just thanked the Lord about it and made the best out of it that I could because it's rare for you to get a chance like that. To make a 53-man roster is very rare, and that's the good thing about it."

Off-field projects: "I'm getting into residential real estate and opening up an urban clothing store, possibly here (Green Bay)."

Early childhood memory playing football: "I played fullback (at Greensboro, Ala., East High School) and in one game I rushed for 170-some yards and two touchdowns. Good day at the office." Jackson earned three letters in football as a fullback and defensive tackle.

Early NFL memory: "My first start (Nov. 15, 1998) against Seattle and had nine tackles and one sack."

Who influenced you the most while growing up: "I would say my parents played a big part. As I got a little older, the kids, really. Looking at them, you want what's best for your kids."

What do you plan to do after football? "Mainly working with the kids."

Advice to kids: "Stay in school and listen to your elders because they're going to lead you in the right direction. They're not going to lead you down a stray road. They can teach you a lot, people that have experienced life. Instead of falling behind somebody else, try to be a leader. Don't be a follower, be a leader."

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