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Here are some e-mails and letters received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Thanks for your articles about the Packers.
I'm a huge fan and have been since the late 1980's. For what it's worth, I have said for years that Mike Sherman is not the guy to take this team deep into the playoffs. When Mike Holmgren was here, I knew our players would be in line and motivated to play. I have never seen that with Sherman. I hope he is let go at the end of this season, one in which we will see the same result as always: a 1st round, definitely in the 2nd round exit from the post season. Favre and the offense will be their usual self, but our defense will get torched.
Unless they can pick up some free agents after June 1st, this team is in decline.
Jason Perone, Chandler, AZ

A lot of good points in your article (Sherman on Thin Ice, May 13). However you failed to even breech the subject that probably has more to do with Sherman's post season record than anything. It could be argued that one of Sherman's biggest faults is Favre's play in playoff games or it's all on Brett. I would have liked to see you bring this up in your discussion since it appears to be a huge factor in Sherman's success. (or lack of it)
Richard (richard.jones@earthlink.net)

Packer Report,
What is the deal with this agent Drew Rosenhaus? Every one of his clients hold out when they hire him so he can get payed. Yes, Javon deserves more money, but let's just play ball. The organization knows he deserves more money so he should show up and play.
I have a screensaver I got off of packers.com that was from Brett's 200th game. It Shows #4 coming out of the tunnel with Henderson and Green, and yes, Walker in front of him. Someone needs to show Javon that photo and ask him how he felt that day when his name was announced and he ran onto Lambeau Field in front of all those fans, in front of the greatest QB ever. He will never feel that way again if he continues his hold out. We all know time is ticking with Brett, he will retire soon, and who knows how this kid Rogers will work out, But Javon needs to realize what he has here. Maybe if he gets his act together he can keep Brett around a few more years. If I could I would approach Javon with that photo and say remember that feeling, you could feel that again.
Kevin Luljack, Palm Harbor, Fla. (klufunk23@yahoo.com)

Dear Todd:
Your May 13th "Sherman On Thin Ice With Packers" opinion piece was perceptive and timely. I'm afraid Mike Sherman has too often been the same enigma to his assistants and players that he has been to me. While mechanically sound, dedicated and unselfish as you say, he has always seemed to lack a special, necessary leadership ingredient. You suggest communication skills may be the problem, and that's surely a part of it. But I suspect it's far more fundamental.
While most players seem to respect Mike Sherman the man, I don't think they respect Mike Sherman the coach. As a result, and as you point out, they lack confidence in his guidance. But more importantly, and less tangible, I think too many lack the motivation to win for him.
Old-fashioned though it may sound, consistently elite teams have always had head coaches and coaching staffs for who players wanted badly to win. Sometimes awe or fear are motivators enough, but player respect and loyalty have always been more important. When respect for and commitment to leadership are lacking teams are much less likely to excel.
Time will tell, but I suspect GM Ted Thompson will conclude Mike Sherman lacks, and at this point can't acquire, the missing ingredient necessary to consistently achieve more than he has.
Thanks again for teeing up an important issue.
Dennis P, Waldera Alamo, CA 94507 (dpwaldera@earthlink.net)

Packer Report,
GM Ted Thompson wasn't expecting to find a great quarterback at the 24 spot of the first round-who could take over for Brett Favre, but he was a pick the Packers believed in, Aaron Rodgers from California, who wanted especially to play for the Packers and learn from the greatest quarterback, Brett Favre.
The Packers picked Terrence Murphy for wide receiver and especially for kickoff returns. Nobody has come close to Desmond Howard. Thompson saw Michael Hawkins as an impressive football athletic, who didn't get the proper coaching for a cornerback at college level. The Packers, most likely picked Craig Bragg, since they weren't sure how effective Robert Ferguson would be-since he received the clothesline hit last year.
At least the Packers picked two safeties Nick Collins and Marviel Underwood, linebacker Brady Poppinga, guard-center Junius Coston, cornerback Michael Hawkins, DE Mike Montgomery, LB Kurt Campbell, and G Will Whitticker.
I too expected the Packers to fill the rest of the team with more defense players, but we'll have to see how these players turn out. Meanwhile the Packers are more defensive help from free agency. I am a Packer fan 42 years living in Jaguar country.
Mary Bryson, Orange Park, Fla.

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