Harry Speaks! The voice of experience

Let me introduce myself. My name is Harry F. Sydney III, also known as someone that speaks the truth! I think it's important to give my credentials as I start this column for PackerReport.com so that you understand where my opinions or thoughts come from.

I played under Bill Walsh, the grandfather of the coaches in the NFL, where I learned the West Coast Offense like it was the Bible, and then under George Seifert when Bill retired from coaching.

As a member of the 49ers we won back-to-back Super Bowls. I had various roles from being the leader of the special teams to being the single back as well as the goal line and short yardage back. I then came and played fullback in Green Bay when Mike Holmgren took the helm in 1992 as he and Ron Wolf brought this organization back to the promised land. I was part of this growth as I witnessed Mike Holmgren's transformation from quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator in San Francisco to the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. I retired from playing in 1993 then started my NFL coaching career in 1994 with the Packers until 1999. During this time I was the backfield coach. Helping the Packers achieve that goal by going to back to back Super Bowls, and winning one. Hence the name "HARRY 3 RINGS"!

I've been around football all my life being part of three Super Bowl teams. I've played with or have been coached or have coached with some of the greatest names in the game. A few on this list include Mike Holmgren, Ron Wolf, Andy Reid, Ray Rhodes, John Gruden, Bill Walsh, George Seifert, Steve Mariucci, Mike Sherman, Matt Millen, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, Charles Haley, Brett Favre, Sterling Sharpe, Reggie White. I've been in three different leagues from the United States Football League to the CFL to the big boys of the National Football League. I've been cut, so I know what the axe feels like. I've been fired as I was as part of the Ray Rhodes staff after the 1999 seasons. I've been part of the negotiation process between players and agents. I was on the staff when Mike Sherman first stepped into the NFL as an assistant coach. I also worked with Ted Thompson during my days with the Packers.

Why have I shared my history with you? I want you to realize where my opinions come from. It doesn't come from sitting behind some desk and typing on some typewriter wondering and guessing why a player or coach would do this or that. My opinion is based on years of being in the fire and feeling the heat of the hot seat. I've put the jock on and ran down the field, got my bell rung and have been successful doing it. I have been part of success and part of rebuilding organizations from the bottom up. So I want you to understand I'm a football fan, a football homer.

I will talk about what I know and in the process I'm sure I might offend some of the loyal Green and Gold fans, but I call it the way I see it. I co-host a local radio show in Green Bay on Monday and Tuesday year-round as well as write other articles about the Packers during the season. I write about the truth as I see it based on my knowledge of the game it's not personal so don't take it that way. I unfortunately have seen or known too many writers or reporters that worry too much about stepping on toes and won't ruffle the feathers. They sugarcoat the words they write because they want to be liked. I would much rather be respected than liked.

As we go forward I will write my column on many things, from football on the field to the craziness that happens off the field. Every Packer issue will be discussed, from the greatness of Brett Favre and what can we expect from him and when enough is enough. As well as what should the Packers do with the greediness of Javon Walker? Is Jim Bates the savior? What's in store for Mike Sherman? Is Ted Thompson the answer because he is a disciple of Ron Wolf, the man that guided the Packers back to the Super Bowl. These are just a few of the things I will cover before training camp. During camp I will give you my assessment of what I see, why I see it, who's making plays, and who's not. During the season I will dissect the offense, the defense, and special teams, and all the coaching moves – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will discuss who made plays and who was disappointing. This is just to let you know what to expect, so hold on ...


Editor's note: Harry Sydney will answer questions on the Packers from fans as part of his weekly columns on Friday. E-mail PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth at packrepted@aol.com with any questions for Sydney.

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