Memorabilia: Pennants

Pennants are a very popular item to collect. They started in the 1920s and continue today.

Many of the early pennants were made of felt and had sewn-on letters. Condition is very important in determining a pennant's value. Because most pennants are hung on walls, they have small holes. Cracked lettering, fading, holes, tears and stains all detract from a pennant's value.

Some of the 1960s pennants had photos of teams and players glued or taped in from the back side. Championship and dated pennants are also in demand and command higher prices.

Helpful hints: Keep pennants out of sunlight. They easily fade! Be careful when cleaning pennants. They are felt and they damage easily.

Most expensive pennant I've seen recently: A Packers 25th anniversary pennant in excellent condition valued at $500.

1920s - $100-$500+
1930s - $75-$400+
1940s - $75-$350
1950s - $50-$250
1960s - $35-$100
1960s - $75-$350
(photo and championship)
1970s - $3-$35
to present

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