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Here are letters and e-mails recently received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:

I agree with you and many people about Sherman being more of an Xs and Os coach than anything else. I do not share most people's opinion on the Packer's defense! Am I the only Packer fan that is extremely excited about the addition of Jim Bates at the Defensive Coordinator? I remember watching that Monday night game last year when Jim Bates lead the Dolphins to an emotional 29-28 victory over the Patriots. I told my wife that I would do anything to have Bates as the Head Coach of the Packers! I could not believe it when he was hired by the Packers. I think we're in store for a pleasant surprise on defense this year. Jim Bates is a fiery, inspiring, motivational coach who will turn this defense around!
Gabe Rowin, Monterey, CA

Hi Todd,
I hope Packer fans enjoy the last year or two with Favre at QB for the Packers. Having watched some woeful performances at QB before Favre arrived, I know that we have a special player that rarely comes along. I believe that Favre's stature has already reached almost "mythical" proportions with his streak, overcoming addiction to painkillers and MNF/Raiders game. It is too bad that we couldn't surround him with better supporting players these last years. Favre was not only a great football player, but an entertainer and all-around nice guy that was easy to root for. He will be greatly missed!
Terry Miller, Owen, Wis. (wtmiller124@yahoo.com)

Dear Packer Report,
I thought we were going after defense first and then go after offensive linemen for the two we lost. Why make Brett's last year a year he has to run for his life. He deserves better than that for everything he's done for the Packers.
Why do we need another quarterback? We have a good one in Craig Nall. So much for the new GM. Now with Al Harris maybe it's time to dump him. I live in Lockport, Ill, now but was born in Luxemburg, Wis., and I'll always be a Packer fan ... win or lose.
Thomas Ledvina, Lockport, Ill.

Dear Packer Report,
Having read the most positive spin your staff could give on the 2005 Packer draft (Vol. 33, No. 19), I thought your readers might wish to see how Chicago-area sportswriters analyzed the North Division draft.
Essentially, reactions ranged from very unhappy to ecstatic. They are very unhappy that Minnesota drafted very well, unhappy that Detroit strengthened already strong areas, happy with the selections the home team made, and ecstatic about Green Bay's picks.
As one said, Green Bay's draft was a "colossal failure." Another maintained that North Division teams don't really need to improve, since recent drafts indicate that the Packers will have soon drafted themselves out of contention.
I assume these judgments were made based upon selection of players who won't contribute for years, if ever, and a group of prospects who may or may not have any talent. The main hope is that Coordinator Bates, who I thought did an outstanding interim job in Miami, can make some lemonade out of the you-know-whats he has inherited. Evidently both Thompson and Sherman have a great deal of trouble grasping the concept of "impact player."
Charles J. Nier, Elgin, Ill.

Dear Mr. Korth,
The purpose of my letter is to dispute your article titled "Walker has the Packers in checkmate" (Vol. 33, No. 19). I would like to begin by saying that I think Javon Walker is becoming a premier receiver in the NFL. Did you notice I said BECOMING. He had two mediocre years before having a breakout season. In 2002, Mr. Walker signed a five-year contract with the Packers. At that time he also received a $4 million bonus. Do you think the Packers were hoping Javon would be their third wide receiver for the next five years? Maybe he would catch 25 passes a year, three or four for touchdowns. I'm guessing they were not.
I think they signed him to become their number one/Pro Bowl receiver. he is now doing what is expected. The unfortunate thing is, he no longer wants to keep up with his end of the deal.
I can't figure out how you think he has the upper hand. You made the comments: "He might as well be in the winner's circle with the winning Powerball lottery ticket." He's got leverage, all kinds of it," and let's face it, the Packers will struggle without Walker in the lineup in 2005." If Javon sits out 2005, what does he gain? He would not be making his "piddley" $515,000, he becomes another year older and his on-field ability diminishes. If he sits out a second season, all of the aforementioned would be intensified. Next, what's his leverage? Is it the pretty good season, the Pro Bowl, or the chance of a trade? he had one good season. he has in now way proven anything. String three or four more together and he can argue he's the best.
Finally, what do you mean by struggle? Driver and Ferguson, who both were starters last season, are returning. Along with the re-signing of Chatman, and the addition of Murphy and Bragg, I think (with or without Walker) Favre will have a complete arsenal for 2005. The bottom line is that if they buckle to Javon, it is a slap in the face to Ahman Green and Bubba Franks. It also sends a message that Mr. Thompson is really NOT in the driver's seat.
Richard Steele, Greensburg, PA (steelehouse265@comcast.net)

Dear Packer Report, In regards to the article by Todd Korth, "Walker has Packers in checkmate" (Vol. 33, No. 19), I disagree with Mr. Korth! I DO NOT WANT JAVON WALKER TO GET A NEW CONTRACT THIS YEAR! HE SHOULD HONOR HIS PRESENT CONTRACT! I agree with Brett Favre on this!
Javon's greedy, arrogant, new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is steering him in the wrong direction. Please remember, Javon has been good for only one year, and should wait until next year to ask for more money! He is no Randy Moss, yet, and DOES NOT deserve a Moss paycheck! If you change the rules for Walker, I am sure other players will follow. This will certainly ruin the game that I love!
Hopefully, Javon will come to his senses. If he continues to hold out, "SIT H IM ON THE BENCH THIS YEAR, AN DON'T TRADE HIM!" That goes for Terrell Owens and all the others holding out under Drew Rosenhaus! I won't miss seeing any of you on the field!
Let's nip this plan in the bud. The Packers can win, with our without you, Javon Walker. One person alone, doesn't make a team! SHAME ON YOU!
Kay Watson, Crystal Falls, MI

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