Harry Speaks! Q&A with Packers fans

Former Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney gets to the point with his answers to a few questions by fans from this past week.

Welcome! I for one am glad to see you writing for PackerReport.com. Your insights into the NFL and the Packers has always been straight forward, not glossed over like so many columns are. My question: Can you give us your perception of the 2005 Packers draft? It seems like there were a lot of "reaches" if you read what a lot of scribes are saying.

Harry Sydney

Are they right, or wrong? Did Thompson mess up, or is there a lot of strength to be gained by the people he drafted? Is this part of a short or long-term plan for the organization?
Also, what future does Craig Nall have now that we have Rodgers in-house?
Will he really be given an opportunity to beat him out as the future QB of the Packers, or is it cut in stone that he's history?
Thanks, Harry!
(Name withheld)

Harry says: Thanks for the welcome. I believe that this draft will have some bright spots but probably not where you think. I believe they may find a punt and kick returner only. To draft Rodgers regardless of whether they thought they had to or not blows my mind. To waste a No.1 on someone that may have NO impact for years with all the holes they have on defense, PLEASE! Yes, they drafted projects and a lot of where-do –they-play guys (if they can't play this position they might be able to play that). Have they improved? In my opinion, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Packers are rebuilding without saying they are. Only time will tell whether Thompson messed up or not. Remember, at this time everyone looks good in their underwear, everyone runs fast and rallies to the ball. Let's wait until the bullets are real before we really give them a passing or failing grade. I'd say it's part of the long-term plan because the short term looks ugly through these eyes!!!!!

Nall's future is short-lived because if he was the guy Rodgers would have never been drafted. Nall will be auditioning for another team this preseason.

First of all, let me welcome you and your style. Contrary to popular belief, there are some Packer fans who want the honest truth about the team and not the sugarcoated version we get from writers who are intimidated by the loyalty and legacy of Packer fans.
My question is simply, has the defense improved enough to make a difference in 2005? What additional needs and moves can the team make to improve on this Achilles heel?
Jason, Chandler, AZ

Harry says: Jason, NO the only improvement for the team this year is the hiring of Jim Bates. If anything the Packers have gotten worse. I'm not a Darren Sharper fan but he was the best they had on defense. Jackson has been hurt, Kabeer is only a pass rusher, Hunt is stealing, Kampman is a hard worker, but if he's the guy they're in trouble. Barnett is out of place. The secondary matches up against NO one. To improve they need 11 other starters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask yourself who would start on another good to great defense in the NFL?

Why did Aaron Rodgers last to the 24 pick and why did Nick Collins move up to the second round? Does Packer management have a crystal ball. The only thing I can say is that they drafted in desperation.
Peter Stoyanovski, Toronto, Canada

Harry says: Peter, Rodgers lasted until the 24th pick because everyone else drafted someone that would make them better. They didn't panic. They stuck to their guns, and they didn't cave into the pressure. They picked someone that will make them better for this year because most teams realize the future is now.

The only reason Collins moved up was because the Packers picked him. Everyone else had him going maybe in the fifth round, if then. If the Packers have a crystal ball it must be in a foreign language because it hasn't worked for them for a long time. Desperation is a nice word for WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??????

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