Sydney Speaks: Breaking down the offense

Who are the Green Bay Packers? To figure this out we must take a hard look at the different positions, starting with the offensive players that make up the Green and Gold. My mother always said to start off with something positive, so that's why we are doing this side of the ball this week. Next Tuesday, I'll tackle the defense. So, let's get it started!!!!!!!!!!

Brett Favre is still one of the best even though in the last several years he's finished the season looking like a rookie instead of a three-time MVP. He's looked great at times, then he has stunk up the place at other times.

Harry Sydney

As fans we always want to remember the great throws and great wins and try to forget the absolute bad decisions that he often makes at the worst times. Look at the last several years and Green Bay's playoff losses. Yes, it's a team game but your leader can't make the mistakes he has and expect the Packers to win. Yes, Favre will be in the Hall of Fame without a doubt, but the NFL is a what have you done for me lately league and lately Brett, love him to death, hasn't delivered. Hopefully father time will grant him the opportunity to return to real greatness not just visit every now and then.

As for the rest of the young stable of QB's they are all unproven and haven't done anything in the NFL to make you think they have what it takes. Aaron Rodgers, the heir apparent, falls into that category as well. This isn't college any more. J.T. O'Sullivan has skills and had the best post-draft minicamp of the other QB's in April, but then again the bullets weren't real. Nall, well, let's just say Rodgers wouldn't be there if the staff had confidence in him.

This was without a doubt the strength of the team in the past and now two of the most important parts are gone. Everyone thinks Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle will be replaced without missing a beat and this offense will be just as strong. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The Packers coaching staff thinks they can replace Wahle and Rivera - mainstays of the O-Line - with Adrian Klemm and Matt O'Dwyer, who haven't been able to stay healthy in the last several years. If you look at the depth chart, O'Dwyer is penciled in as a starter and hasn't really played in two years. Neither has Klemm due to injuries. What are we to believe that just because they visit the frozen tundra and drink the water they will all of a sudden stay healthy? Hopefully Mike Flanagan will stay healthy because he is the glue that will be forced to keep them together.

For this to work the middle of the line will have to work in total unison because they will be tested by blitzes up the middle. They have to be excellent run blockers, too, because the strength of the running game is pulling guards and working with the center, then sliding to the backers.

Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton are solid NFL tackles. Nothing else needs to be said about them. Now as for backups I believe they have very good depth and you need that in case of injury. Barry, Wells and Ruegamer are gamers and have had quality playing time in the Packers' system. The youngster Junius Coston that they drafted is a project.

Bubba Franks is the only one and he's not real happy about his contract situation, but he's doing what he's suppose to do and that's handle his business. Bubba is a very good TE. His blocking has improved greatly and his ability to get downfield to effect the secondary has also improved. The problem is he isn't used as much as he should be, but that's coaching. That will be in another column down the road. He does all that he can to help the Packers win. Behind him it's a joke. David Martin can't stay healthy. Ben Steele's a special teams player with the Roberto Duran illness "HANDS OF STONE", and Garrett Cross and Sean McHugh are unknowns. This is a concern area which I feel needs to have been addressed.

This is the most gifted and talented area with a group of playmakers. Unfortunately, Javon Walker is listening to bad advice, or he is not thinking because good things come to those who wait. His greed sadly to say is the norm and he only is acting out like the rest of the "ME" generation. But the fact is he is the future and he has made Brett look like he still has it. Walker and Driver as a pair might be the most athletic receivers on any team because they go get it. They make the passing game go. They run after the catch, they block downfield. They do everything and anything to help the Packers win. Robert Ferguson has all the talent and tools but you can't count on him because he's hurt all the time. Antonio Chatman is a better receiver than punt returner but then again that's not saying much. He can't go up and out-jump anyone. When Brett throws into traffic he needs to have the confidence that his guy will come up with it. The rookies are just that, rookies. They will need to learn the game at the professional level.

A great group of guys led by the best fullback to maybe ever play the game – William Henderson. He finally got his overdue respect last year when he was named to the Pro Bowl and ALL PRO teams. Henderson is a leader. He has mastered his craft and hopefully Nick Luchey is taking notes because if he can learn anything from William, hopefully it's how to keep your body in shape.

Ahman Green is a great back but the problem is that as a running back that plays physical like he does it will slowly take it's toll on the body. Last year I started to see that happen. Maybe late in the season he was concentrating on fumbling, but he didn't run with the explosiveness I was used to seeing.

Tony Fisher is the perfect single back. He runs screens and draws very well and does a great job on picking up blitzes. Najeh Davenport runs hard but too high. The reason no one went after him in the off-season is because he can't stay healthy. He most likely will always be a backup who wants to be a starter, but can't consistently start. The rest are hard working guys!

This is what I see with this offense. Like I said, next week we will tackle the defense. Any questions or discussions about what I've said you know where to find me!

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