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Here are e-mails recently received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:

Give draft class some time
I'm blown away by all the so call draft experts and some fans that can predict the quality of a team's draft before they even step on the field in pads. Listening to the 'experts" you would think every guy drafted this year will not only make their team but have an immediate impact.

Sure folks think that Dallas and Minnesota had good drafts. Bad teams are suppose to have good drafts based upon the system... If the Packers had two first-round draft picks and picked lower in the other rounds the 'experts" would think they had a good draft. Let's not jump the gun on this year's draft class. Let's revisit this years draft two to three years from now and then we will have an objective not a subjective view of this draft. Thanks.

Packers are a mess
Hello, Todd:
The Green Bay Packers are heading for trouble, unless they can show us something this year. A mismanaged salary cap has us strapped from bringing in talent, and an atrocious 2005-draft with the exception of Aaron Rodgers is steering this franchise into the ground (ala San Francisco 49r's style).

We should have drafted out of need in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. We needed speed at LB, and DE positions. Did Ted Thompson not watch enough film to figure this one out? Did he fall asleep during the draft, or is he trying to set up Sherman as the scapegoat?

Does Thompson think that Jim Bates is the answer to the defense? We'll have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure – our defense needs a LOT of help, and I just do not see the talent anywhere within the club.

Way to end Favre's career in Green Bay Mr. Thompson. Now we must endure not only the defense aches and pains, but also Rodgers when he takes the field after Favre retires.
Luis Mora, Coral Springs, Fla.

Honor your contract!
Dear Packer Report,
I am DISGUSTED with all the contract holdouts going on this year and for the Pack, mainly Walker. Let me put to you this way, I am an American Soldier. I signed my contract back in 1999 before 9/11 and Iraq. Now that we are at war I am not "Holding out" for more money, or a safer job. I am honoring the contract that I signed. I would like all of these people who are being paid very well to PLAY A GAME, including that AGENT of Walker, to go attend the next Soldier Funeral just to get a little perspective. PLAY to the end of your contract and then get a new one. Stop being so dang SELFISH!
Kris Sperry, Fort Lewis, WA

Team has not improved
Mr. Korth,
I am truly disappointed with the Packers 2005 off-season. I strongly believe that the only way we can possibly keep Brett Favre interested in playing for a few more years is to surround him with the talent that gives him a chance to win a Super Bowl.

We did absolutely nothing to improve the 2005-2006 Green Bay Packers during the free agent signing period or during the college draft. As a matter of fact, I believe that we actually will have a less talented team this September because of the guys we lost to the free agent market.

I personally believe that Brett Favre is the franchise and I am not expecting him to be able to do anything this season except run from blitzing linebackers and corners. I don't see us being as good this year as we were last year, on defense, and that was pathetic.

Sorry, Todd, but as much as I love the Pack (and I really do) I'm afraid that we are not going to finish any higher than third place in the Central Division. Looks like we are headed back to years like the 70's and 80's. We aren't even rebuilding. We are simply not capable of selecting players that can get the job done.
Bruce Kelsey, Cypress, CA

Defense ignored in draft
I do believe that the backup QB Craig Nall will do fine within the Green Bay system. Why are we drafting a number 1 pick? Our need is DEFENSE! We have a great running game. If our defense can't hold the other team and fall behind, then no QB will succeed. Not, even the great Brett Favre!

We really need to get better quality of guys out of the draft. We need to pay the players who contribute and not give away money to players who do not.

Defense wins games. Being able to control the ball on offense are the keys to a great team.

I have been a Green Bay Packers fan for over 30 yrs! We now have a great running game. Let's get the Defense up to speed and we shall be competitive again.
Jeffrey LiVolsi, Trenton N.J.

Give it up, Javon
Two pieces of advice for you:
1. Don't turn into T.O. Nobody likes T.O.
2. Don't irritate the guy who throws you those touchdown passes.
If it's you against Favre in this state. Favre wins.
Dan van der Hei, Oshkosh, WI

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