Hunt has been missing for a while

The news at the start of Packers minicamp this week was the absence of defensive tackle Cletidus Hunt. The underachieving, overpaid, heartless Packer skipped the first three practices and his whereabouts are unknown.

Quite frankly, I've been wondering about his whereabouts for the last two seasons. It's not like he has made a play recently; it's not like he has tried recently; it's not like he is a team player.

To his defense – which he plays none enough – Hunt is not required by rule to attend this minicamp. The first minicamp, a week after the draft, was the team's mandatory minicamp of the off-season.

However, if any of you have noticed, non-mandatory camps are only in name. Players are expected to attend, unless they have a legitimate excuse.

"It's not a mandatory camp, but we expect him here," Packers coach Mike Sherman said. "He should have been here, so it's disappointing."

In Hunt's case, there is no excuse. He has stunk the last two seasons. There is no other way to say it. The Packers inked this 300 pounds of useless football player to a six-year, $25 million contract after 2002 and expected him to play like he did that year when he recorded 48 tackles, five and a half sacks an four passes defensed.

Last year, he had 37 tackles and two sacks. Last year, he also skipped this camp.

Any player with pride would be at this camp, working to rediscover the form which allowed him to sign such a lucrative deal.

His absence this week only punctuates how much a disappointment he has been. The Packers were not even sure where Hunt was, let alone not at camp, as there had been no communication between the two.

Furthermore, Hunt has a clause in his contract stating if he doesn't stay in Green Bay for off-season workouts he will be given a $250,000 fine. I know he's making good money, but to lift weights, run, swim, whatever players do in the off-season, and he could save $250,000?

This is a sign of Hunt's mindset. While quarterback Brett Favre has been excused from participating in the minicamps, he has hired a personnel trainer to whip him into the best shape of his life. Favre doesn't have to do this, but his will to succeed pushed him this way.

Meanwhile, Hunt doesn't want anything to do with working out, and judging by his actions he doesn't want anything to do with the Packers. While veterans like Ahman Green, Al Harris and Donald Driver are attending this camp, Hunt is nowhere to be found.

You'd think by now the Packers would be getting used to Hunt letting them down as he has this week. At one time, he was a nuisance to offensive linemen. Now, he's a nuisance to the Packers, who should show him the door.

By the looks of Hunt's actions, he knows where that door is located.

Davenport signs on with Rosenhaus
No agent in the NFL is hated more than Drew Rosenhaus, whose clients include Terrell Owens and Green Bay's Javon Walker. We all know by now Walker is demanding a new contract through the lips of Rosenhaus.

But now backup halfback, Najeh Davenport, has signed on with Rosenhaus. Time to be alarmed? Not now.

Davenport, albeit a talent, has not been able to stay healthy as a backup. As a backup! Rosenhaus won't be able to wave his magic wand with Davenport unless his client has a big year, and backing up Green doesn't lead to that.

If Davenport stays healthy this season (it would be a first), he'll likely leave as an unrestricted free agent. He'd be missed, but Green (whose contract is coming to an end) is still a quality back as is Tony Fisher. Plus, how difficult is it to find a talented running back in the draft these days?

Let's see, Green, Davenport, Terrell Davis, Dorsey Levens and Curtis Martin were all picked in the third round or later.

Rosenhaus' impact with Davenport won't be felt like his impact with Walker already is.

Around the NFL
– Chiefs looking at Mitchell: Kansas City is looking at possibly signing wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, the big mouth with little stats, who was released by the Eagles. Considering the Eagles don't have any talent at wide receiver, outside of Owens, why would Philly release him if he was any good? Mitchell has no game and the next team he signs with will find that out.

– Lewis out of prison: Ravens RB Jamal Lewis experienced a good release recently – from federal prison – after serving four months for trying to set up a cocaine deal on his cell phone. Hopefully, Lewis learned his lesson, but nowadays you never know. Surely, the Raiders are monitoring his situation.

One last thought
Seattle released talented-but-troubled wide receiver Koren Robinson this week after Robinson has been in trouble countless times with drugs and his attitude.

Kudos to the Seahawks for not standing for anymore junk from Robinson. Too often players get passes because of talent or a contract, but Seattle did the right thing. Maybe this will make Robinson see the light, and for Seattle, the locker room and field will be a better place. Maybe the Packers can take a hint from this move with Hunt.

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