Trivia answers

Here are the trivia answers to "My Favorite Packers:

1. A, Brett Favre. An accomplished baseball player in his native Mississippi, Brett Favre quickly became one of my favorite athletes in any sport because of his free-wheeling style of play.

2. C, Paul Hornung. "The Golden Boy," a favorite of mine for the many ways he could impact a game, led the Pack in 3-pointers a total of five times during his Hall of Fame career.

3. B, Mike Tomczak. "T-zak" wore No. 18, the same number he wore during his career with the Bears, in 1991 – his only season in "Titletown." Tomczak was always a favorite of mine because of the way he beat the odds by rising from the obscurity of a free agent to an NFL starting quarterback.

4. A, Willie Wood. The future World Football League coach soared to stardom with Lombardi's Packers as a safety after being snubbed in the draft.

5. C, Larry McCarren. "The Rock" assembled his string at the demanding position of center between 1973 and 1984. McCarren's steady play and his top-notch work on the Packer Radio Network has made him one of my favorite Packers.

6. B, Jim Grabowski. The Packers picked Grabowski in the first round out of Illinois in 1966. How can you not love a player who toiled during the 1960s with the tough-sounding name of Grabowski?

7. A, John Anderson. A favorite of mine for his constant class, Anderson topped the Pack in picks in 1982 and 1983.

8. C, Mike Holmgren. Holmgren endeared himself to me mainly through his weekly television show. No coach – Packer or otherwise – was better than Holmgren in front of the camera.

9. D, John Jurkovic. A nose tackle with the Packers, "Jurko" was always a good quote. He has parlayed that talent into a radio career in Chicago.

10. C, Lynn Dickey. There may never have been a more accurate passer – or better storyteller – than Lynn Dickey, who joined the Packers in 1976 after a spotty career in Houston.

11. D, Bart Starr. The Packers, the NFL and Green Bay fandom worldwide got a lot of quality mileage out of the 200th overall pick of the 1956 draft.

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