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Here are recent e-mails received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Thompson needs some time
It seems many fans are ripping Ted Thompson for a poor draft and an inactive free agent signing period. While I agree that defense seems to be the obvious need for our beloved Pack, I think it wise to give Jim Bates an opportunity to motivate and push our present group. Maybe Terrence Murphy was selected because of Walker. Maybe Ahmad Carroll isn't up to the challenge of NFL cornerbacking and we need to develop more reliable corners so we draft some. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
To me, the obvious is that which I don't read about too often. Coach Mike Sherman was a very poor GM. Sherman has led the Pack into a SF 49er chasm as Thompson has inherited salary problems with overpaid players constructed on Sherman's watch. What has Cletidus Hunt done lately? Thompson is not big on free agent signings, hmm... I wonder why. What has Joe Johnson done lately? Anyway, it's tough to flag down a free agent passing by when your HANDS ARE TIED by the cap. Sherman's drafts certainly haven't been much to shout about. What has Jamal Reynolds done lately? B.J. Sander?
Give Ted three years ... okay... two years, and if Brett is still here and Jim Bates is still managing our defense, we may just see Lambeau magic once again.
Cal, Arroyo Grande, CA

A deal is a deal
Dear Packer Report,
Remember when many were trashing the coach with too much power. Many even challenged his draft choices. Well they got what they wanted. Out of the top three picks we needed three defensive players. We got two offensive players and a defensive player that could probably have been gotten with no draft pick at all. Must have been a brother-in law pick. Was the third pick made to bring Walker in line? As for the first round pick, lets just add one more QB to the roster. We should add maybe two more QB's just in case those don't add up to Brett don't you think. I even bet that Ted will cave and give in to Walker.
When will people learn that a deal is a deal. What happened to keeping your word and playing out your contract. He stated that his mom raised him. Well that may be the problem, maybe his mom can't keep her word either. It was my dad that taught me that a man lives by his word and his word needs to be stronger than steel and that if his word fails then so fails the man. I'm sure there are plenty of men in his life that can encourage him to step up and do the right thing.
The first thing is to change his slime bag agent for someone with as much principle as himself. He needs to work with management. Packer management is a lot better that many other teams.
Hal R. Whitaker, Sublette, Kan.

NFL should set standards
I love the Packers, and as fan I am truly dissapointed to hear that Javon Walker's still holding out. I was listening to ESPN Radio, and they were discussing the whole Terrell Owens issue, that guy has to be the biggest, dumbest person alive. He is already making millions of dollars, if he wasn't happpy with the figures at the time he signed with the Eagles, then he shouldn't have signed. Javon should report to camp give 100% effort and I will gurantee it that the Packers will give him a contract extension. You need to stop listening to Drew Rosenhouse which is not only ruining the sport, but your reputation. Take it from Chad Johnson WR Cincinnatti, who is also represented by Rosenhouse he said "My agent works for me, I don't work for him" Rosenhouse was also trying to get him to hold out because he feels Chad is underpaid.
The league should step in and make some bylaws for players who holdout, and still have more than year left in their contract, as well as penalizing the agent for interference, because if this keeps happening it is going to ruin the sport.
Luis Mora, Coral Springs, FL.

Can win without Walker
1. Javon Walker - not a problem if he holds out. How many times in the last 2 years have you seen an interception or incomplete where Favre is asking after the play why he is breaking his route. Favre and Driver are on the same page, Walker isn't. I am not sure he ever will be. Screw Walker. He and T.O. can go play Madden 2006.
2. Aaron Rodgers is a wasted pick. Craig Nall is an ample backup with a live arm who knows the system.
3. If Coach Bates says, "there is more talent on defense then he had in Miami" thats good enough for me. He's the proven Defensive coach and sees these guys live not on TV. He had every opportunity to tell the new GM I need players in the draft. We had a good defensive coach who got screwed because of a 4th n 26. Which leads to my next point:
4. Mike Sherman is an OK coach BUT a choker. When will he win a big game? Everytime I start thnking he's good he puts his skirt on and calls a play to not lose, which causes a loss. When will he have the guts to win that playoff game that propels our Packers towards the Super Bowl like Belichek or Lombardi? I firmly believe some coaches can only go so far AKA (Marv Levy, Bud Grant, Dan Reeves get to and lose Super Bowls; Dennis Green, Bum Phillips, etc that can't get that far) ETC....
I was hoping somehow the Packers got Holmgren back and Bates for D. I got half my wishes fulfilled. Now being stripped of GM duties maybe Sherman can over come what I think he can't and reach the next level.
Steve, North Brunswick, N.J.

Pay structure is messed up
I sit here and laugh at the ridiculous comments people send in regarding drafting and decisions. What do people think Ted Thompson, Mike Sherman do 24/7/365? Give me a flipping break! Thompson et al.. I know the game of football inside and out better than 99.9% of the rest of the population (including MANY of the opinionated blowhards in the media). As an FYI - ask Mel Kiper what is harder Personnel Evaluator for a professional team or an ESPN talking head. Thompson and Sherman's competition is the other .01% of professional and some college football personnel.
The problem is the financial/compensation structure in the NFL 1.) Large Financial Investments are 'stupidly' wasted on UNTESTED rookies. 2.) The fact that Contractual agreements mean nothing and 3.) Whatever happened to getting paid for performance? I would LOVE to find a job where I get paid a 6-7 or 8 figures regardless of my performance (ie: winning/losing).
Joe Cousineau, Woodbury, MN

Hey, chill out Packer fans
I've read many a letter to the editor in the Packer Report. Frankly, I'm getting rather tired of listening to all the so called "packer fan for life" nay-sayers.
We, the average football fans, have are opinions on how the Packers draft was good or bad, but honestly, we're just fans. If we had the talent and knowledge to make personnel decisions we would be hold Ted Thompson's job, not sitting in front of our PCs like geeks sending you e-mails.
I for one was a bit disappointed in our draft, but who am I to judge. The experts made their decisions and now we have to wait and see if they pan out. In a year or two we should truely know if this draft was a bust or not. Sit back crack open a beer and watch the game. That's what us "fans" do best. I for one will enjoy watching the games win or loose. GO PACK and long live the Green & Gold!
Eric, Milwaukee, WI

Let's be positive
Sorry, but after reading all emails about the Packers having a bad draft I had to write my two cents worth. How many times does a team get unexpected help from within? Plenty! A lot of teams have many players with the desire to work hard in the off season and improve beyond what the experts think of them and I have noticed we have had a lot of players this off season working hard to improve. So let's hold off on all the negatisim untill we are deep into the season.
Dan Hester, Mansfield, Ohio

Get with it, Walker
Javon needs to rethink what he's doing right now. He's giving up the chance to play with the greatest quarterback in the world in what might be Favre's last year. If you sign a contract honor it don't go on a contract hold out. Think about it Javon you make so much money for playing a game. Do you know how many people would love to play WR in the NFL, and your treating it like dirt. If I were you I would quite this contract hold out.
Andrew Cox, Thompson Falls, Mont.

Thompson looking long-term
I believe Ted Thompson is looking at the long term future of the Packers vs the win now at any cost goal. The former has the Packers as the winningest team in the NFL for over 10 years. The latter gets you what the Cowboys and 49ers have gone through. I don't know that Mike Sherman necessarily had the same belief. Don't get me wrong, I think Coach Sherman is very good. I just don't think GM Sherman was as good as the Coach. It is a shame that Brett will probably not get to another Super Bowl, and maybe not even the playoffs again, depending on how long he plays. Who's to say, Aaron Rodgers could be even better than Brett and the team could be poised for another long-term playoff run in 2-3 years with a young Rodgers and this years draft picks as a nucleus. No one thought Favre would be the kind of player he turned out to be.
Very few of the free agent acquisitions seem to have much of an impact on their new teams so that isn't usually the way to improve your team dramatically, especially with the holes we have on defense and the salary most of them will command from someone. I really believe the success of most of these young men comes as a result of their football environment: team, coaches, coaching schemes, etc. Just because a ball player was good to great with one team does not, by itself, mean he will be the same for another.
As far as draft picks, we have no idea what these players are about. All us fans hear about is what the "experts" opinion is. That is all it is, opinion. No one really knows what most of these young men will accomplish in their careers. It would be interesting to see how well the experts opinions have held up over the long term. If these guys are so great, why aren't they GM's in the NFL making a couple million per year vs being a sports reporter of some kind.
I don't even want to get started on contracts, but I will anyway. I know it is a business, but the comments made by the holdouts (which are made so the fans support their actions) make no sense to the average fan. Walker wants to be able to support his family. Great ambition, but 90+% of your readers could support their family forever on the interest off of his signing bonus. Let's just be as honest as Sterling Sharpe was. He just wanted $1 more than the highest paid receiver (or something to that effect) each year. It was greed and ego and he didn't hide it. Don't say you can't support your family on what you make!

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