Player Profile: Craig Nall

Here is some off the field info on backup quarterback Craig Nall:

Off-season residence: Alexandria, La. (born in Alexandria, La.)

Marital status: Recently married to Amanda Crain.

Vehicle: GMC Yukon Denali

Hobbies/interests: "I like to hunt (deer) and play golf. My parents live on a lake, so during the summer I like to get out there and go fishing. Computers. I do a lot of stuff with computers."

Favorite meal: "There's a cajun food restaurant back home called Tunk's in Alexandria. They have seafood, crawfish, gumbo, fried catfish, steaks."

Favorite breakfast cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Favorite music: "I listen to just about everything except classical music. I listen to country, classic rock, rock, hip hop, just about everything."

Favorite TV show: "I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but my favorite one recently was ‘My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance'."

Favorite movie: "Forrest Gump"

Favorite sport other than football: "Baseball. I played it from T-ball all the way through high school. I wanted to play in college, but I just didn't have time. I was throwing the javelin in track. I made it to nationals in college. If that was my only sport, I would have fared a lot better than what I did. It was more of a relaxing thing for me to do. It was something to keep me in shape for football season."

Favorite team growing up: "I never had a favorite team, to be quite honest. My dad and I would sit down and watch the (Dallas) Cowboys play a lot when I was real young. I've always been a fan of the game. I watched Brett (Favre) play growing up. I always liked the way he has played. Still do. He and John Elway are probably my top two. I've got to throw (Joe) Montana in there, too."

Other favorite sports: "I always liked watching the Olympics."

Roommate on the road: Defensive end Aaron Kampman. "He's a good guy. We talk a lot. We relate well to each other. We were drafted in the same year. I try to model my life as close as I can to what he does. He's an outstanding role model."

First thing you did when you made final roster as a rookie: "It was my birthday the same day, so we had a lot of people over at the house already. It was a special day. I really wasn't expecting to get drafted. I only had a couple of workouts. After talking to my agent, he said that nobody had really called him. But Green Bay called Monday before the draft, and came in on Wednesday to work me out. (Offensive coordinator) Tom Rossley came down along with (assistant video director) Chris Kirby. We had a nice interview, had a nice workout. "

Early childhood memory playing football: "I think I was a junior or senior in high school and we played Abbeyville at Alexandria. We lost, 71-70, in regulation. There were no defensive or special teams touchdowns. It was all offense. That one sticks out the most. Then Javon Walker's team (St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette, La.) knocked us out of the playoffs two years in a row in football, my junior and senior year. But in baseball we knocked them out of the playoffs my senior year. ... We tease each other every now and then."

Who influenced you the most while growing up: "My parents (Malcomb and Susie). My dad got his degree in kinesiology and always wanted to be a coach. He had two kids early and had to support the family, so he got into sales and never got back into coaching. He pushed me hard. At times I didn't like it and kind of rebelled a little bit, but I'm glad he really pressed me. My mom is a special education teachers, teaching physically and mentally handicapped children. That's another aspect of who I am, knowing what kind of person it takes to do that day in and day out. She's retiring the same day that I'm getting married next year. She would bring me over to her school every now and then. That keeps you grounded and makes you realize how fortunate I am."

What do you plan to do after football? "At LSU I studied construction management and I've thought about getting into that. But as time goes along, I've thought more about getting into coaching. That's what I know. Obviously, playing in the NFL is a great item to put on your resume. Maybe high school or Division I-AA. Division I would be too hard on the family with all the recruiting and stuff like that. I don't even know if I'd want to be a head coach, maybe offensive coordinator. I really don't know yet. Ask me next year and I'll probably give you a different answer."

Hidden talent: Throwing the javelin

Advice to kids: "You can get by so far with talent, but there comes a point when you have to have a work ethic and desire for what you are doing. If kids realize that at an early age, they will fare a lot better. Sports is a great opportunity to stay out of trouble. Play as many sports as possible when you are young – baseball, football, basketball, track, whatever interests you. Don't be afraid to get out there and try it. You never know. You might have a better talent at doing something that what you are doing at the time. That's how I got into track. Coach asked me if I knew how to throw the javelin. I had never even thought about it until he asked me. I went out there and in my senior year won the state championship."

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