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Here is this week's featured Packer Die-hard of the Week:

Cheryl Felty, assistant principal of Parkside Elementary School in Lawrenceville, Ill., explains why Tom Harstad, who recently retired as Principal of Parkside Elementary, has been a Packer fan as far back as he can remember.

"Through thick and thin, this Wisconsin native has supported his favorite football team," Felty writes. "He has shared his love for the Packers with thousands of students, staff and committee members through out his 29 years in administration.

‘If your a true fan, you'll stick with them through thick and thin,' Harstad often reminds students and staff.

"Since the age of 5 he has been a loyal fan. He often talks about going to the Ice Bowl on December 31, 1967. His parents had purchased tickets and left them on his pillow in his room. The family waited to hear his loud screams. Zipped up in sleeping bags he and his father watched the Packers win in a 21-17 triumph. His office looks like a Packer museum with pictures of Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Lambeau Field, Packer Hall of Fame World Champions, not to mention all of the other Green Bay Packer memorabilia that surrounds him. Mr. Harstad's truck is gold with Green Bay Packer logos on all sides. He is one of the biggest Packer fans that has ever lived.

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