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Here are letters recently received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Fans should hold out
It is so great to see that, for the most part, the Packers still have real quality players in their organization. To see a running back the caliber of Najeh Davenport, not playing contract games, keeps my love of the game intact. Davenport could EASILY start for about half the teams in the NFL, but he is showing class and honor by sticking with "The Pack". I know Javon Walker is entitled to market value, at some point, but what is being done is horrible.

Then you have Gilbert Brown who would play for chump change (by NFL standards) just for the opportunity to put on that green jersey again. The biggest problem in professional sports today, is plain old-fashioned GREED! I know a lot of guys who would play any sport, at any position, for a lot less money. The game would still be entertaining to watch, too. We the fans are the ones making these high salaries possible and all these agents and players playing games is just screwing the fans.

I know it is far-fetched to think it could happen, but maybe we the fans will "hold out" and not show up to pro games for a few weeks, and we will see where all the money comes from to pay these outrageous salaries. I bet they would not like this too much, so how do they think the fans feel when they do the same to us? These players need to wake up and sniff reality a little and start being honorable. If they can't do this then maybe they should quit sports and get a job at a fast food joint and then hold out after month until they get a new contract. I guess the unemployment check would be a good concession compared to an NFL contract.
Tony in La Feria, Texas

Bring back "The Gravedigger"
Maybe the Pack should get rid of Cleditus Hunt and bring ol' Gilbert back for one last hurrah. Hunt isn't worth a fraction of what he's being paid. He's earned more than $3.6 million over the last 2 years while managing to fall on the opposing team's quarterbacks only 6 times. That's a whopping $608,000 per sack! He's shown absolutely no consistency in the running game either. At least Gilbert would give 100% effort play in play out and report to camp, if asked. That's a lot more than I can say for Hunt. Frankly, after signing a huge contract and playing two lackluster seasons along with missing camp for the second time I'm done with the guy. Bring back the 'Gravedigger'! Gravediggers do dirty work, they don't cost much, and they work their a#$ off!
Brett Bernacchi, Phoenix, AZ

Grady and Gilbert ... wow!
Imagine what a pair the team of Grady Jackson and Gilbert Brown would make. Not only did the "Gravedigger" burst through the line, he was always in hot pursuit of the of the "condemned player" carrying the football. Gilbert Brown installed serious fear in opposing teams! Would you want to stare at the big man across the line, knowing that he's coming for you, and that he will not stop? I think Gilbert is one of the few real football players left who will play through his injuries with 110% and won't cry about it at the end of game day! If he's healthy and ready to return, I say we could use a player of his caliber regardless of his age! The younger talent may learn a few things from this vet as we transition into rebuilding our team. I also believe Gilbert returned for a reduction in pay in 2003? We need players like him, not players like Walker, Hunt, or Franks!
Paul Emmer, Fond du Lac, Wis.

Sydney caters to Packer haters
Seriously. Is Harry trying to get more readers by being a shock jock? Where are his discussions about what the Packers are doing right? He provides nothing for the Packer fan, and everything for the Packer hater. If I want to read about all the problems with the Packers, I can read any newspaper from Minnesota, Illinois or Michigan. Even if the Packers go 0-16 ... as a PACKER fan, I want to hear where the good, or future good of the team may come.

Being a 'fan' means always having hope and supporting your team, not jumping off the bandwagon and screaming bloody murder.
Jay, Milwaukee

What's wrong?
Ya, Javon is in a holdout right now, but he's coming back when training camp starts.

Ya, Ahman had a little fight with his wife (going to be ex-wife) but that won't effect how he plays. He did look better than ever at minicamp.

Ya, the Packers got a QB in the first round instead of a defensive player, but that was a good decision, especially if Brett goes down like he did against the Giants last season (I was at that game). The Packers will have a good QB to step in and win it.

Nothing's wrong. The Pack will have a much upgraded defense with Arturo Freeman at safety. He is better than slow-footed Darren Sharper. Ray Thompson will be more athletic than Hannibal Navies (who is still on the team). OK, the Pack will miss Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle at the line, but Adrian Klemm is going to be great.
Andrew, Ion, Idaho

A deal is a deal
Dear sport fans,
What is a contract but an agreement between two parties if one wishes to break it? The other party should also have that right. What would happen if a player got hurt and was unable to play and the team refused to pay him because he was not playing?
Paul A. Schurr, Ada , Mich.

Bring back Gilbert Brown
I want to see Gilbert Brown standing along side Grady Jackson on that front line. How great would that be? That's what I want to see....
Kathy Miller, Lawrenceville, N.J.

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