Is Terry Glenn worth the risk? For now, if the Green Bay Packers hope to improve at wide receiver in 2002, they're going to have to do it with the troubled Glenn. There simply are not any other options at this time in free agency.<p>

Unless the Packers can swing a trade with another team for a top wide receiver, they are going to have to focus on Glenn to help revive their downfield threat.

According to various reports, Bill Schroeder probably will not be re-signed by Green Bay, and Antonio Freeman probably will be released after June 1. Last year those two combined for 105 catches and 15 touchdowns. But Freeman has proved to be too costly for his $4.3 million base salary in '02 and Schroeder has seemingly fallen out of favor with the team.

The Packers like Corey Bradford and probably will make every attempt to re-sign him. Bradford is a solid No. 3 receiver with great speed and strength, but not a starter. Robert Ferguson, the team's No. 2 draft pick last year, will be given every chance to start. Providing he can stay healthy and learns the offense better, he'll be in the starting lineup.

That leaves a huge void at No. 1 wide receiver that only Glenn, 27, can fill. New England cannot wait to unload Glenn. The seventh overall selection of the 1996 NFL draft, Glenn was suspended three different times by the Patiroits last year, driving coach Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots organization nuts. One of the suspensions was due to drug use. Not exactly your model citizen off the field, but on the field, Glenn can make it happen. He had 90 catches for 1,132 yards as a rookie in 1996. He had 69 catches in 1999 and 79 in 2000.

If anyone can turn a troubled athlete around, it's Mike Sherman. He's a no-nonsense type of coach who has done well in his two seasons in Green Bay to form a winning chemistry. Freeman ran into some off-field problems during the 2000 season, but his attitude rebounded in a positive fashion last year. Sherman will have his hands full with Glenn, providing the Packers can pull off a trade to get him, but this may be the team's only option right now.

Other free agents such as Germane Crowell, Az-Zahir Hakim, Donald Hayes, Willie Jackson and Michael Westbrook just don't come close in ability to Glenn.

Brett Favre deserves a good weapon at wide receiver. The Packers should do all they can to obtain Glenn.

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