Readers weigh in on retired numbers

Did our recent series of columns on the Packers' retired numbers miss anyone or miss the mark with any of the nominees? Our readers let us know.

Last week featured a series of columns on the prestigious numbers "club", which recently grew to five members with the addition of the late Reggie White. The series also suggested some players worthy of consideration for this honor. A few readers checked in with some savvy comments and suggestions - here they are:

First, let's hear from a young fan:

"Hi my name is Lukas M. I'm 12 years old and I'm a huge Packers fan. Biggest in my little town. I think you should retire #92, of course Reggie White, because of all the things he did for the 1995-1998 seasons. And the way he passed away about six months ago, I cried the whole night ='(. Please consider my idea."

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your email. You are right, the Packers should definitely retire Reggie White's number. The team recently announced that they will retire it in a ceremony on Sept. 18 at Lambeau Field. That's what gave me the idea to write about other players who could be considered, too. We'll be writing a lot more about Reggie as the time gets closer, so stay tuned. I am glad you are reading and that you are a big Packer fan.

P.S. I was really sad when Reggie died, too.

Next, one reader agreed with the suggestion that a number be chosen to represent Vince Lombardi:

"I think No. 1 would be a more fitting number to retire in honor of Vince Lombardi. I wasn't born when Lombardi was head coach for the mighty green and gold, but I have heard my dad say great things about his coaching skills and how he took the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl.

I watch the Green Bay Packers now and if I can't watch them I listen to the game on the radio. I have not been to a Packer game but I hope to be able to go to a home game soon.


Dear Mikey,

Thanks for writing! I'm glad to hear you think No. 1 would be the best choice to honor Lombardi. I think it's great that you follow the Pack both on the radio, television and internet. I really hope you make it to Lambeau Field very soon. Again, thanks for your interest in! Go Pack!

An anonymous reader wrote in support of the Packers' consistently excellent placekicker:

"I think you forgot about Ryan Longwell. He is the best kicker the Packers ever had and he can probably kick for another 10 years."

Dear reader:

I did consider Longwell, but his stats and former kicker Chris Jacke's numbers are still fairly close in some categories. I'd like to see Longwell leave Jacke and all other former Packer kickers way behind in order to merit hanging up No. 8 for good. Still, I should have given him more than a passing mention. I hope you are right about the 10 more years. Longwell has accomplished amazing things and his spot as the all-time scorer should stand for quite awhile, even if he doesn't go another decade. I have a feeling that after a couple more seasons, the consideration given to retiring No. 8 will be taken up a notch. Thanks for writing!

Readers - do you have any other suggestions or comments on the retired numbers series or any other articles on Your feedback is appreciated - some emails and letters will be compiled into future Letters to the Editor features and other reader response columns.

Editor's note: Laura Veras Marran grew up in Green Bay, Wis., and is a longtime sportswriter. Her column will appear Thursdays and Sundays on

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