Sydney Speaks! Q&A with fans

Former Green Bay Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney gives his take to questions submitted recently by Packers fans:

I think Green Bay is two key players away from having a "good enough defense" to complement our offense and give the Packers their fourth straight division title. I see a need at CB and a need for a pass rush DE. Perhaps Brady Poppinga could be that edge rusher on third downs? Even if he is, we still need a CB desperately since we are one injury to Al Harris away from a complete disaster at that position. If we shore up these needs with maybe one or two more signings, do you think with our offense being as good as it is and our special teams looking improved via the draft, that we can expect another division title and a possible playoff push for the NFC crown?
Jay, East Hartford, CT

Harry says: Jay, you seem like a reasonable and intelligent man, but I must ask you: WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Two key players away? You must be HIGH! This defense is roughly 8 or 9 players away and let's not talk about division title, especially if you're counting on some undersized guy to be the answer they don't even really know where they are going to play Poppinga yet but you got him penciled in as the missing link pass rusher. The free agent signings are over for the most part, unless someone gets cut from another team. But then are you going to pin your hopes on that guy? Let's hope they get into the playoffs before we put the NFC crown on their heads!

Every one is complaining about the weakness of the Packers' secondary, so I was wondering why they are not even considering going after Ty Law. He is one of the best corners in the league and, combined with Al Harris, the Packers would have a dominant pair of corners again. I understand they might have salary cap issues but is it really that bad? If it is who is tying up all the money?

I would really appreciate an answer to this question because I have been thinking about this for quite some time and no one seems to be addressing this issue.
Chase, Rockford, IL

Harry says: Chase, that's a good question but there are several reasons why the Packers haven't pursued Law. It's not just money, it's also about teaching an old dog new tricks. Also, it's about rebuilding. They are, I believe, rebuilding and you do that with young players on defense. And cap issues are no joke. They can't afford to go after him and pay an outsider that money when you have Grady Jackson, Bubba Franks, Ahman Green and, yes, Javon Walker wanting more money. That's why no one has touched Law to this point. It's just not about winning anymore and playing the game, it's about it's about BUSINESS!

What, in your opinion, will be the fate of Mike Sherman? He had his GM duties stripped (which I was very much in favor of) and he is in the last year of his deal without a contract extension. It is no secret that he does not command the kind of respect with his players that a coach needs to field a Super Bowl contender. And I don't see any big name assistant coaches rushing to work on his staff. I'm sure the team will wait to see how things turn out this year before deciding, but let's keep it real … is he staying or his he gone?

Also, everyone wants to talk about the draft and "Monday morning quarterback" it. The draft is over, let's move on. We took who we took and it can't be undone. My question is how this team is going to pull it together come September? We have two of our best players unhappy with contract situations and questions about how the O-line will perform. Favre is finally in great shape and ready to turn it up a notch, but he may not have the weapons to put that to use. And while we have a new defensive coordinator, it's unlikely this group will overachieve. Thoughts?
Jason, Chandler, AZ

Harry says: Jason, I believe that we will know the answer to the Sherman question half way through the season. But one of the first things a new GM does is usually pick his head coach and the guy he's going to take the journey with. To not sign Mike Sherman to an extension and put him in a lame duck situation … trust me, I find it as odd or early writings on the wall.

There is a top named assistant on the staff wanting a head job and is thought to be a prime candidate ¬in new defensive coordinator Jim Bates. If he does anything with the defense, he's a miracle worker. Who knows what's going on at 1265 Lombardi Ave.?

Jason, regarding how the Packers will pull together come September … if you are a true Green Bay Packer fan my only suggestion for you and many others is PRAY and remember the Super Bowl years and cherish the memories!

Harry Sydney

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