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Here are letters recently received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Trade Javon Walker
Packer Report,
As I watch how things are going from the heat of Las Vegas, I can't help but look at the Packer organization in frustration! In terms of player personnel, there is no activity where there should be, and too much activity where there doesn't need to be. Cases in point: Aaron Rodgers and Javon Walker. It was nice that we had the opportunity to draft a great prospect, but how many "great prospects" have been drafted at quarterback in the first round? Ryan Leaf? Rick Mirer? Dan Marinovich? Dan McGwire? Rich Campbell? First-round quarterbacks are no sure thing, just ask Brett Favre and Tom Brady. Then again, the same could be said for defensive linemen, just ask Jamal Reynolds.

Since well looked at offense instead of much-needed defense in the first round this year, I have a suggestion for Ted Thompson: Trade Walker for a starter on defense. There are two reasons this proposal is workable:

1. The Pack has two other good receivers (Robert Ferguson and Donald Driver) more than capable of stepping into Walker's position;

2. The bitter aftertaste left by the haphazard trade engineered by Mike Sherman last year, where a starting cornerback is traded for an unproven back-up quarterback, has not completely dissipated yet.

Trade Walker now, while you can still get some value for him. The Pack needs to avoid a repeat of last year's protracted McKenzie situation and trade for a defensive starter before the holdout situation worsens. Put those cap analysts to good use and try to improve the defense NOW! Let Brett run the offense. I think most Packer fans are much more comfortable with the state of the offense, despite the loss of two of its linemen, than they are with the defense, especially with Sharper in Minnesota.

The window for winning the Super Bowl anytime soon is closing. The Eagles reached the Super Bowl by not only improving its offense, but by adding a key defensive player here and there. The Pack could learn from that example.
Nevin W. Holmberg, Henderson, NV

Sydney is too negative
I am starting to figure out why your an ex-Packer coach. Not sugar coating is one thing, but you have not had a good thing to say about the 2005 Packers since you started at PackerReport.com. The majority of your comments sound like a disgruntled ex employee.

By your take, why should Green Bay even show up for any games this year? If this column of yours is trying for shock value it really isn't working. It's just making you sound like the million other internet trolls that bash the Pack. The Packer fans that I know and have spoken to are well aware of the weak points of the Pack and we are realistic about expectations. We can also see bright spots for this season.

It will come to a point that most Pack fans will not read your articles it will only be the fans of the other teams. Maybe you should take some advice from LeRoy Butler. He is straight forward, but at same time he sees the good points.

I hear the Vikings need a Promotional Director. Maybe you should apply or join Mr. Carter since he never has a good thing to say about Green Bay, either.
A. Beckman, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Fond of Fuzzy
John Lombardi,
After reading your excellent article on Fuzzy Thurston, I was finally prompted to action to write. From the early 1960's to the mid-1970's, I lived and worked in Northern Virginia. My boss at the time was an avid redskins fan and often would invite a group of players to his home for an informal gathering and refreshments. Having grown up in Eau Claire, WI, my allegiance remained with the Packers and often spoke of remembering Fuzzy from early YMCA meetings on the basketball court as well as church youth functions and in later years at some of the favorite watering holes in and around the Eau Claire and Altoona area.

As a result of my statements, I was asked to "put my money where my mouth was." I believe the year was 1966 and the team was housed at a resort-type hotel to meet this "old time" friend of mine. We arrived at the hotel, naively entered the lobby and announced that we would like to have the desk page Mr. Thurston. After receiving my name, the desk clerk had us wait outside until Mr. Thurston could come down to meet with our group. Was Fuzzy going to remember me? Highly doubtful. It had been many years since any encounters we had, and those were fleeting at best. Shortly, he emerged from the hotel. The moment of truth had arrived. A s he approached our gang he scanned our faces, extended his hand and exclaimed, "Jim Garnett, how have you been?" I don't think he had a clue as to who Jim Garnett actually was, but I stepped forward, extended my hand and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving for his ability to take charge of what might have been a very embarrassing moment for this longtime Packer fan.

As we all spoke, a number of the other Packers dropped by to be introduced to Jim and his buddies from Virginia. In short, his thoughtfulness, to me, exemplified the class type of person Fuzzy and other members of that era of Packers were. I will never forget how he bailed me out of a potentially difficult and embarrassing situation.

Please give Fuzzy my best, and tell him I hope to be able to see him some time over a burger and a beer at his place in Green Bay.
Jim Garnett, Sturgis, S.D.

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