Klemm: The rest of the story

Adrian Klemm is ticketed to start at left guard, replacing Mike Wahle, for the Green Bay Packers.

After being drafted in the second round out of Hawaii in 2000, Klemm missed 11 games of his rookie season with a knee injury and dislocated elbow. In 2001, he missed the entire season with a torn calf muscle. In 2003, he went on injured reserve early in the season with an ankle injury. Last year, he suffered a broken foot two weeks into the season and spent the rest of the year on injured reserve.

As bad as the rehabilitation was, Klemm felt equally frustrated that he was unable to explain the extent of his injuries to reporters because of Belichick's nonsensical policies regarding injury dissemination.

"The way this team (Green Bay) handles injuries and the media here is entirely different than the way they handle it in New England," he said. "They don't tell the press anything. I had major knee surgery and they thought I sprained my knee. When I broke my foot two years in a row, and this last break I had was actually a fracture, it was a rare bone break. They really didn't know how to diagnose it so I had to go to New York for them to take care of it.

"None of that ever came out. They said, 'He injured his foot," and so that's what kind of makes it difficult on the player's part. They see your stuff in your locker but they never really see you because they kind of hide us from everybody. So you never really get to explain your side of the story."

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