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Here are recent letters and e-mails received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Agents should be given set of rules
The legal system in the NFL needs some work. These holdouts that are under contract need to be delt with in a harsh manner. If the owners keep allowing this to happen, football as we know and love will be a thing of the past.

A contract is a legal binding document. Anyone that breaks one should be sued. These agents that talk players into holding out should be banned from the league – period. The law is the law. Who do they think they are? No wonder why you have all these player in the middle of legal battles for doing stupid stuff like shooting people, and what not. They think they are above the law, but they are not, and its time once and for all, to show them that they are just men and are subject to rules and laws like everyone else.
Vincent Brotz, Sheboygan,WI

Sydney's takes are refreshing
I've noticed a few 'grinches' bashing you for being honest with your opinion of the Packers, coaches and players. Please ignore those fools. To me it's actually refreshing to hear someone who's not afraid to point out and challenge some of the shortcomings that Packer 'fans' want to sweep under the rug.

Now, I don't mean to come on like 'sour grapes' here, but it does get very frustrating to constantly hear nothing but positive talk on the radio and TV shows. It's as if people really believe that there are no problems in Green Bay. It certainly can't cause harm to reveal these problems and talk about them. I've held season tickets for over 20 years, and there aren't many things more thrilling than going up for a Packer victory. I've been a Packer fan for 50 years through the good and the bad, and when things are going bad, I want to hear about them, not hide them.

Thanks, Sydney! GO PACK!
Leon Wagner, Ripon, WI

Booing Packers is wrong
I'm a longtime Packer fan. I was born in Wausau, WI. I have to say for the most part you always try to be honest and for that I thank you. I'm about sick and tired of hearing how the Pack has not improved. I was sick watching the defense last year, I have to admit. But what made me more ill than anything was to hear the Packers being booed on the home field. People are waiting 10 years just to get tickets to those games and the best they can do when the day comes is boo? You gotta be kidding me! The fans of today are spoiled brats in my opinion. I mean do they really think that the team wanted to get beat badly like that? You got a guy like Brett Favre that works through all of the problems he's had off the field and still shows up and plays hard. It is a slap in the face. The team has improved.

We (I say we because I'm with em' win or loose) have had a great off-season on the coaching department alone. Jim Bates has made a name for himself having great defense with no-name players. Along with the fact that we brought in some pretty good safeties and linebackers I think the defense will be a heck of a lot better this year. Ted Thompson will do an outstanding job at GM, and Sherman will have a lot more time to do what he does best and that's coach. Look at his record ... enough said.

Now on offense we got some problems that should not be taking place. I had Javon Walker on my fantasy team last year so don't think I don't know how good he is. But like Brett said this is a team sport and the last time I checked Donald Driver wasn't too bad, either. Throw in the fact that we got three running backs that could very well be starters on most teams in this league and the in-human ironman Favre, and I don't see a problem. Our line didn't take as big of a hit as people are saying. We got younger faster guys now and bring in the fact that Mike Flanagan is back ... I think we will be all right.

I know you don't agree and that's fine but if the coaches who are proven winners are not really all that concerned, who are we to judge? I think we have made great strides since last year and fully expect the Pack to do well this year. I have heard nothing but complaining and can't take it anymore. I just urge all of those boo birds out there to seriously think about what it would be like to be a Browns fan or a Bears fan. We have not had a losing season in many years much less a season with less than 4 wins. Football season is too short to waste it complaining. Thanks for your time.
Brad L. Hoeft, Massillon, Ohio

Draft nothing but a crapshoot
Here's what's frustrating about all these people who said the draft was so horrible:

Last year we didn't take a quarterback and everyone said, "They really screwed up by not finding a successor for Favre!" This year, a guy who some thought was the top pick in the draft falls into our laps at 24, where there was no clear-cut impact player on defense, and people say we shouldn't have picked him. Make up your minds.

For the past few years, everyone has (legitimately) complained that we have made the mistake of trading picks and ending up with less than we started. This year, we reverse that trend and end up with 11 picks, and nobody mentions it. The last draft comparable to this one was 2000, where we had 13 picks. No one would have guessed after that draft that KGB (5th round) would be a double-digit sack guy every year. No one would have guessed that a homer pick, Tauscher (7th round), would end up being a fixture at right tackle. Most probably wouldn't have guessed we would find a consistent starting LB (Diggs) in the 4th round. The draft is a crapshoot, and the more shots you take, the better.

Some of the picks really frustrated me, too (Nick Collins in the 2nd round?!?!). My guess is that 2 or 3 years down the road, this draft will look much like the 2000 draft does today.
J Ramsey, (transplanted to) Cary, N.C.

New system needed in NFL
Good morning Todd, Every day I read the NFL Headlines it is something different, something negative, that's hurting the sport of Football. Another player hires Drew Rosenhouse, and decides that it's best to just not show up. The greats of Lombardi, Halas, "Curly" Lambeau, are turning in their graves with disgust after seeing what is happening to such great sport, and no one in the League seems to care. Therefore, (Mr. Tagliabue) do not be surprised if there is another strike coming along within the next few years.

The solution to players holding out, and the agents that ruin the sport (Rosenhaus) is very simple. The League should step in and assume control of all the aspects. Each team can have its own group of agents working for them, they will act within the best interest of the team, and in the best interest of the player (because when you sign one to your team you make a commission %). Free agency and restricted players can all stay the same, but you will have the agents working for the team. And no independent agents allowed.

What are your thoughts?
Luis Mora, Coral Springs, FL

Editor's note: Luis, that's an interesting idea, but one that will never happen as long as there is a Player's Association involved. Since the team's do not guarantee a player's salary for the life of a contract, the players will always be seeking to get as much money as they can early in their careers. It's a constant tug-of-war between management, players and agents, but fortunately for the fans, there is a salary cap. This keeps all teams competitive each season. Let's hope that remains the same when the new collective bargaining agreement is negotiated next year.

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