Sydney Speaks! Q&A with Packer fans

Former Green Bay Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney gives his take to questions submitted recently by Packers fans:

Do you think Javon Walker, Bubba Franks and now Grady Jackson would be threatening to hold out if the Packers had a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl this year? Or would they be willing to play for their current contract if the Packers were the favorite to win the big game this year? I wonder if their attitude is ‘If I'm not going to get a ring then I want the big money.' Is this where this team is heading under the current head coach? Where does it all stop?

If I were the GM I'd tell Javon, Bubba and Grady that either they play under their current contract/offer or sit out, period. The game is bigger than they are and the Pack will survive. I'm willing to sacrifice a year to make a point!

These three guys need to take a look at how Ed Reed is handling himself!
Doug in Cincinnati, Ohio

Harry says: Doug, yes I would because this isn't about playing and Super Bowls ... it's about money. They want to get paid – plain and simple. This has turned into a business and they see the Super Bowl as a bonus. It's not just a Packer issue, it's a league and greed issue. This stops when someone finally says ‘No, you're paid enough' and the next team agrees with it. The players know it's about market value. Change the value, change the direction. I'd bet Mike Sherman is saying to himself ‘Thank goodness I'm not the GM now!'

Why offer a multi-year contract if the players don't honor them?
Dale Maves, Edgerton, WI

Harry says: Dale, I feel your pain but unfortunately we really can't ask the players to do something for the team that the team doesn't do for them, and that's show loyalty. We don't want to hear that, but we can't be the pot calling the kettle black. For example, how often do you see teams sign a player for four years, then after two cut them because they go in another direction. Where's the loyalty then? Or, when they force players to re-construct contracts to stay around. There is no more loyalty!

I have a question about Bubba Franks and his current situation. Why doesn't Bubba sign the offer sheet with the amount the Packers are required to give him as a tagged player? Obviously no one else has offered him more money.

Will he wind up in the ranks of Ross Verba? No one is willing to pay him as much as his own team is required to pay him?
Chad A. Zinda, Davie, FL

Harry says: Chad, because Bubba wants more security than a one-year tag. Not only that, but Bubba probably feels disrespected because they didn't take care of him before this. Professional egos are very fragile. For some reason TE's are thought to be not as valuable, which I find crazy because what happens to this team without a TE? They lose a lot of the offense. And Bubba has turned into a pretty good blocker and plays through pain he's consistent and a pro bowler what more does he have to do to get PAID!

Why should the Packer fans be worried about the holdouts or the draft? The Patriots constantly cut and replace guys who want too much money and draft no-name guys. I know everyone wants to panic when the most 'hyped' players are not drafted, or the biggest 'hyped' players are threatening to hold out, but good business never puts all of its eggs in one basket. It would be bad business. Does Ted Thompson deserve no patience or trust?
A.J., Milwaukee, WI

Harry says: A.J., the Patriots are very different. It's like night and day. The Pats are at the top. Guys want to play there because they know they will win. They stand in line. You didn't see any free agents busting down the door to get to the frozen tundra this off-season did you? I think Ted does deserve the trust, but let's be real – he has to make chicken salad out of chicken CRAP. He has to fix the mess that was handed to him, and still try to win. Can he? Will he? Only time will TELL!

Harry Sydney

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