Sidelines: Special HOF moment ahead

Majkowski, Bennett anxiously await Packer Hall of Fame induction

"The Hall of Fame cometh. Say it softly and let it really sink in."

That's the thought process currently facing former Packer running back Edgar Bennett and quarterback Don Majkowski as they await their inductions into the Packer Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 23.

"Yeah, baby, it's exciting!" said Bennett as he prepared to play in the Packer Hall of Fame golf outing at the Horseshoe Bay golf club in Door County on July 11. "The excitement's been building all this time but it's hard to believe it's almost here."

The Majik Man echoed Bennett's sentiments as he took a few practice cuts on the driving range. "I still get goose bumps just thinking about it," Majkowski said. "The Packers have such a great tradition and to become a permanent part of the Packer family in this way is really an honor."

Now, I know one of the golden rules of journalism is that the reporter is not supposed to be part of the story. He or she is supposed to just report the facts and let the reader or viewer draw their own conclusions. But please forgive me here because Majkowski was kind enough to ask me to be his presenter for induction.

I guess that makes me a small part of the story, so here's my two cents worth. First, I feel truly honored to be part of the ceremonies. The Packer Hall of Fame banquet is one of those events that I've enjoyed covering for many, many years. The atmosphere is always electric yet fun and relaxed at the same time. Packer celebrities, both past and present, abound. They put on an outstanding auction featuring authentic, vintage Packer memorabilia. There's great food and music. What's not to like? Plus, this year, Coach Mike Holmgren is coming back to Green Bay as Bennett's presenter – so you know things will be interesting! It all promises to be a very enjoyable evening and I'm looking forward to it.

The induction ceremonies are set for the Lambeau Field Atrium and the hall's marketing director, Denny Tattum, says they are expecting a crowd in excess of one thousand. "We've had a great response for this year's event," said Tattum. "We only have a handful of tickets left and we're anticipating one of the most exciting induction banquets in our history."

If you're one of those who want to snap up some of the few remaining tickets, call Gwen Borga at the Packer Hall of Fame offices at (920) 965-6984, or e-mail her at Tickets are priced at $110 each and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tom Andrews

Editor's Note: Tom Andrews began covering the Packers in 1974 as a reporter for Milwaukee radio stations WZUU and WOKY. He has been a contributing writer to Packer Report since 1999 and his articles have also appeared in the Green Bay Packers Yearbook, Packer Profiles, Packer Tracker and Sports Collectors Digest among other publications. Andrews is also president of Andrews Media Ventures, a Milwaukee area media and communications consultancy. E-mail him at

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