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Here are some e-mails recently received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

It is Javon!
I thought the selfish receiver "Leon" in the Budweiser beer commercials was a ficticious character. Turns out it was Javon Walker!
Ken Parrish, Lynchburg, VA

Can't have it both ways
Like most Packer fans I have had it up to my eyeballs with the junk that is being pulled by hot shot agents like Drew Rosenhaus. On the one hand he wants players like Javon Walker to back out of long-term (secure) contracts because they are worth more now than when they signed the contract. On the other hand, he wants players like Grady Jackson to back out of short-term contracts because he feels the need for a more secure long-term contract. Hmmmmm .... can you really have it both ways? Who forced Walker and Jackson to attach their respective names to contracts in the first place?

I believe the real culprit in this whole mess is the Players Association. When will the union step in and tell these players who are under contract to shut up and get back to work? I guarantee that if a team pulled that junk the union would be crying fowl play all the way to the courts. If the union would honor the agreements that players sign then we wouldn't have these unneccessary interruptions to summer camp.

I think it's time to consider getting Gilbert Brown back into camp. I understand he wants to play again. I never heard him whine about his contract.

Chuck Hochmuth, Lowell, IN

Packers need a leader like Reggie
Dear Harry,
Thanks for your comments on leadership. Although we have some great leaders on the packers now, we seem to be a player short. We need another Christian warrior like number 92, Reggie White. Until we find someone like him, the Packers will have deep challenges.

Travis Schmidt, Webster City, Iowa Too harsh on Packers
Mr. Sydney,
As a life-long die-hard Packer fan I appreciate your honesty in your column. Your honesty however has a very negative tone to it. You have yet to say one good thing about the Packers. The Packers team this year has a lot of potential to be very good. I know the draft was horrible, but let's give them a chance to see what they can do.

Jim Bates has always had good defenses without having a lot of big names on his defenses. You have yet to mention how strong to offense looks this year. The only thing you can say is Favre is "so inconsistent that many fans go to the game to see what he will do."

Yes, I know the hold out by Walker will hurt the Packers, but Driver and Ferguson are very good receivers. If Chatman steps up like we all think he has the ability to do, then Walker won't be missed. I also know the loss of the 2 guards is huge, but we have a great offensive line coach that will make sure who ever replaces them will be ready to play. The running backs are very strong and good with the only weakness in the group is Green's fumbling problem.

Instead of telling us what is wrong with the team, trust me, we all know what is wrong with the team, why don't you try telling us what they are doing to fix what is wrong. If you continue to sound so negative, you will loose a lot of readers. I hope you take this all to heart and change your tone a little. I'm not saying don't be honest, but your honesty doesn't have to be so negative all the time. GO PACK GO!
Jeff Miller, life-long cheesehead

Frustrated fan
I have been trying for years to get tickets to game and special event tickets without success and I have been one of those dedicated (and foolish) fans that purchased worthless stock to support my team, hoping that I would get special consideration as "stock holder" It seems like the Packer management could not care less about my 'donation'. I feel let down and I'm not alone.
Joe McClure, Racine, WI

Agent AKA Thief Rosenhaus
Can someone tell me why this agent is allowed to participate in the NFL? Why doesn't the NFL just de-certify this guy from negotiating? In other words – "black ball" this idiot. He cannot be working for the good of the player when he constantly recommends not living up to the contract the player signed.
R Haworth, Green Bay, WI

Packers, NFL should make a statement
The Packers and other teams should all sue the players and the agent involved for much more than money. As painful as it may be they should ruin their careers as well the financial health of the players who seem to think they are above the law. This may get the attention of the remaining players who may harbor such stupid thoughts. This stupidity will help the NFL into the tank as some other sports have done.
A tremendiously dissapointed football and Packer fan: Larry K, Quad Cities, Iowa

Draft is an inexact science
I agree with what J. Ramsey from Cary, N.C. is saying. The draft is a huge crapshoot, most of the time you have to take a shot in the dark. Very rarely will you evaluate talent perfectly, and make the perfect call on a player. That usually only happens in the top half of the first round. Our last good draft was back in 2000. Since then we have come out of every draft with less picks than we originally had and consequently we havn't had very good drafts or at least they havn't panned out yet.

I hate it when experts and just regular fans try and put draft grades on teams as soon as the draft ends. It's probably the most inexact science in the world. It's all based on personal opinion, and 99.9% of the time fans are basing their grades off of the experts' grades, scouting reports, rankings, etc.

As for the Nick Collins pick, how can J. Ramsey not like that pick? He is amazingly fast for a safety, has good hands, good ball-hawk, and is extremely athletic. The only reason fans are shocked, disappointed, or pissed at that pick is because of what the "experts" say. What most people don't know however, is that teams called Ted Thompson up after the draft and complimented him on good picks, specifically the Collins, Murphy, and Underwood selections. If you don't believe me, you can look it up on jsonline.

By the articles you have had on this site, it sounds like those rookies are doing pretty good. It's no secret how well Murphy has been performing so far. The only holdout that I am scared of right now is Bubba Franks. If Javon doesn't play, we still got a Pro Bowl receiver in Driver, Ferguson who I believe is poised for a breakout year, and Murphy. If Jackson doesn't play then we have a TON of young guys who are chomping at the bit to prove themselves like Washington, Lee, Jenkins, and Williams.

Don't be down on the draft and don't be worried about the holdouts, I'm hoping the Packers don't give any of them their contracts.
Ray Dahlke, Edgar,WI

Fans have right to show displeasure PackerReport.com,
Here's one response to Mr. Brad Hoeft's comments:

I read one fan's comments about how terrible it is that fans booed the team at times last year. Well, in my opinion, I think the team and management needed to hear that. Don't get me wrong, I want to see this team succeed and as frustrating as a Packer loss is, I'm in front of the TV the next week watching. But the reality is, even the most loyal fans have a breaking point.

We suffered through many years of mediocrity and underachievement, longer than I have even been around. When we came out of it and began winning in the mid 90's, we saw what a good team was made of and capable of. I certainly don't want to see the Pack go through another slump like we did in the 80's and with the salary cap in place and free agency what it is, hopefully no NFL team would have to endure that long with a non contender. The comments mentioned that we could be fans of such teams as the Browns and the Bears. I would put them up against our team right now. The Bears are up and coming. Our days of notching up 2 wins a year at their expense are over without a serious dog fight. Don't forget, the Pack has lost many games over the past 2 years to teams like the Bears and Browns (many on our home field) and I don't take anything for granted anymore.

As far as having a great coach in Jim Bates who has a great defense, the defense hasn't even played a down yet! Bates has a proven track record, but you cannot get orange juice out of a turnip. We have what we have and we'll see when the games begin. I wouldn't classify Bates as a "savior" or "great" just yet.

The bottom line is the fans have a right to express their frustration and I applaud them for finally letting the team know that their play and the coaching is unacceptable. They spoke for a lot of us who could not be there.
Jason, Chandler AZ

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