In his own words

Mike Sherman introduced Terry Glenn to the Green Bay media on Saturday afternoon. In the process the Packers coach and general manager described how he and his staff decided to make every effort to bring the troubled wide receiver to Green Bay. Here are Sherman's remarks:

"This trade took approximately about three weeks to finalize, but through the tireless efforts of the personnel staff, namely Mark Hatley, Reggie McKenzie, Andrew Brandt and the incorporation of Terry's agent, Jimmy Gould, who has been very helpful, and Terry himself ... his willingness and his want to be a Green Bay Packer has gotten us to this point today.

"As I said in my season-ending press conference I was going to look at every aspect of our football team and try to upgrade whatever possible. Although I have a lot of confidence in our receiver position, I looked at free agency and didn't feel like there was anybody in the free agent market that could help us or impact our football team. Our personnel staff looked at other football teams and our focus was on Terry Glenn, and the opportunity to get a player like Terry to join the Green Bay Packers. I feel fortunate to be able to get someone of his ability here. I do feel that he'll add a dimension to our receiving corp and be an impact on our offense.

"It goes without saying that Terry has had some issues during his career up in New England. In my conversations with him he's been very accountable for them and is just pretty much looking forward to his future here with the Green Bay Packers, as am I. I've always said confidence and a man's strength of character in the face of adversity, and confidence in a man's willingness to prove himself when others may doubt him ... I feel right now that this gentleman beside me is going to do that here in Green Bay and make us all very proud.

"I've researched Terry's past history and talked to people involved in his life and I firmly believe that our community here in Green Bay is much like Columbus, Ohio. Very supportive community. Our football team is made up of high character men, as is my coaching staff. I think we'll be a very supportive environment for Terry and help his success as he is going to help the Green Bay Packers' success. In my meeting with Terry in Cincinnati, Ohio at Jimmy Gould's house that lasted about three hours, a meeting in which Terry brought his six-year-old son with him – Terry, Jr., who I think might be a receiver some day we'll be looking for. Anyway, during that conversation I explained in detail to Terry what my expectation was of him and what his responsibility was going to be as a Green Bay Packer football player. He totally understands where I'm coming from and really wants to be a part of this program.

"Terry expressed to me and showed me in that meeting that he basically wants what I want, and that's for the Green Bay Packers to win a Super Bowl, and that excited me. In my entire conversation with him we never talked about contract, money, how many catches, what my role is going to be ... it never came up in the discussion. We basically talked about his future as a football player and his future as a man and moving on with his life and this new chapter, and how excited he was that this was going to happen. His major focus was, 'Hey, I just want to contribute wherever I can, coach.' That excited me as well."

"I was positively impressed with Terry when he talked about his son and his relationship with his son, and the impact that he has in his son's life, and how important that relationship is. He also spoke fondly of his girlfriend, Monica, who is here today. That impressed me as well as did when he mentioned a woman who helped raise him – Georgia Hauser is a very important part of his life. All of those things impressed me when we spoke.

"He surprisingly impressed me with his knowledge of the Green Bay Packers, of the history and tradition of the Packers, and expressed an intense desire to be a part of that, and contribute in a very positive way to the legacy of the Packer history.

"I'm very excited to have Terry join our football team as I'm sure our players and fans will as well, and really look forward to the future with Terry, and am excited about the next five years."

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