Sydney Speaks! What is Favre thinking?

Last week Brett Favre made a media tour. He was on television and radio. He talked about his future, his past and why he has decided to keep playing the game we love to see him play. He talked about the things he and his wife have been going through, such as deaths, cancer and the strength his wife has displayed keeping everything together and showing that she is a true champion. He also talked about the fire he still has deep inside him which is awesome. But then he crossed over the line.

Let me tell you why I THINK SO!

As a player you never discuss another player's business, like Javon Walker and Grady Jackson, even if you're a so-called leader because it's none of his business. Brett's business is to work with whomever is on the field and play the best he can. No one complained when he got extensions to make him the $100 million man, even though his contract wasn't up. The haves always seem to speak out when the have-nots want to get where the haves are at. Then to bring up whether his agent works for him or him for his agent is out of line.

Some people want to give Favre a free pass. I often wonder why that is because I don't believe he deserves that anymore. Yes, he has an amazing streak starting all those games, but what does that really mean to me? It means that he's had one heck of an offensive line that's done a great job and he's very lucky. But does that really give him the right to get in someone else's business?

Then to talk about how everyone needs to be on the same page because they are all in it together, but yet he doesn't come to the two off-season minicamps. Yes, I know he was excused by Mike Sherman because of some excuse that he wanted Brett excited for the season and ready to go. What does that mean? In the last several years did Sherman not want Brett excited so he made him come to mini camp? But this isn't about Sherman. It's about Brett Favre, the new spokesman for agent and player relationships. Guys that want to be spokesman or leaders have to walk their talk, don't they? They don't say it, they show it. Leaders hold themselves accountable to the same rules as everyone else even though they don't have to.

I know times are different, but I never remember the greatest NFL quarterback ever in my opinion, Joe Montana, not attend minicamps even when he didn't have to be there because he was telling and showing us that we were in it together. Here are a few of the changes and problems this offense and the Packers are dealing with this season:

-- Two new starting guards;

-- Guys that want new contracts;

-- A number-one draft pick quarterback;

-- A tight end pissed because he hasn't been taken care of contractually;

-- A starting backfield in the final season of their contracts.

With all this going on, is Favre embracing anyone? Or is he causing a rift between the boys? Trust me, guys in the locker room do talk about who's talking.

Now let's guess who the guys are talking about. What do you think Walker and Jackson are saying? Do you think that they might be surprised that Brett has attacked their agent, especially when Grady and Brett used to have the same agent, James "Bus" Cook, until Jackson fired him for Drew Rosenhaus. Is it personal or business? Only the walls know. But this is what I do know: Until Brett plays well in the big games when things really matter, this team is not going anywhere. He needs to concentrate on not making the same mistakes that rookies usually make, like crossing the line of scrimmage and flicking a three-yard pass into the end zone like he did against the Vikings at the end of last year.

For years people have said that this team goes the way Brett goes. Well, if that's the case how has this team performed lately? It all starts with the leadership. Early this off-season everyone crucified Donald Driver for talking out of turn, saying that he thought Brett was going to retire. Then he said he hadn't talked to Brett since the last game, so he didn't really know what was going on. He had NO FREE PASS. Brett said that he hadn't talked to Walker at anytime this off-season, so why does he get a FREE PASS.

To the outside world, like the fans, the sportswriters, the guy that cheers loudly at games, they think that Brett has the right. But ask yourself: What would you do if your co-worker told you how to handle your business live on television and radio? Like I said, WHAT IS HE THINKING!

Harry Sydney

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