Falcons still dealing with Wolf

Here's how Atlanta Falcons new owner Arthur Blank answered questions today from the media regarding former Packers general manager Ron Wolf, and the hiring of Joe Gibbs as minority owner at the press conference to announce the signing of Warrick Dunn:<p>

Q: How's the search coming for a general manager?

A: I don't have a timetable. I will tell you that it is a process, and if you don't have an answer, you need to learn to love the question. I'm learning to really love that question about the search for a general manager. We're working on it very hard every single day. There are a number of options we are looking at. I've promised Coach Reeves and promised myself and promised the staff here, and promised the players, not directly, but through my commitment to them that we will bring in a top person. It takes a while to do that. There's a protocol and process in the league, which you have to go through, it's a little different than the kind of business that I came from, but it's a set of rules and regulations that really do make sense. So, we will end up with a great candidate. It's just a matter of doing it at the right time. Patience is normally not a strong suit of mine, but in this case, I'm trying to be patient.

Q: Is Ron Wolf still a candidate for the general manager position?

A: Ron Wolf is still a candidate.

Q: Are you averse to his needing an ownership stake to come out of retirement?

A: If it reaches that point, we will work out a solution that will allow him to have the position that he needs, one that reflects not only what I think is an appropriate place for him in terms of compensation, but also one that I think makes sense in terms of the league as well.

Q: When you approached Joe Gibbs with the concept of minority interest in this team, was he immediately excited about that?

A: During my first conversations with Coach Gibb, it really had nothing to do with being on the board or being an owner, it just had to do with getting his council and advise. As I said earlier, he's been a good friend for a number of years. It was only really at a later date that I thought that he might have an interest, and I wasn't really sure that he would. When I approached him, and Coach Reeves can probably speak about this better than anybody else in the room, when this football gets in your blood, as successful as he's been in terms of Nascar and the racing team he's developed, he still loves football, and he loves to be involved.

"He's got tremendous amount of commitment and passion for the game. That has not dwindled from when he was coaching. This gave him an opportunity to be connected to an organization that he feels very good about. He feels very good about Coach Reeves. So, all of the reasons that are positive made it a very unique opportunity for him.

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