Sydney Speaks! Q&A with Packer fans

Former Green Bay Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney gives his take to questions submitted recently by Packers fans. Today, Sydney comments on Drew Rosenhaus, Jim Bates and why players are holding out in Green Bay:

Hey, Harry,
Do you think that Drew Rosenhaus is good for the sport? Did Brett threaten to hold out with 2 years left on his contract or immediately after he made his FIRST Pro Bowl? I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and, he is just stating his opinion, what's wrong with that?

Oh, just one more thing, didn't Brett restructure his contract in the past to HELP his football team make room to sign other players?

Packer fan for life.
Travis, Cameron, WI

Harry says: Travis, no I don't think Drew Rosenhaus is good for the sport, but remember it's not a sport anymore, it's business. He's like the lawyer you hate until you need him. Travis, you are missing the point because you are trying to compare Javon to Brett and you can't because these are different times. I love Brett, but in the world of sports you don't question or talk about someone else's business – period. I don't care who you are. And if you do, you don't do it on national TV. Yes, Brett did restructure is contract to help the team but what does that have to do with anything?

Hey Harry!
Jim Bates comes from a team that was 4-12. Should we be concerned about that?
Jacques, South Bend ,IN

Harry says: Jacques, not really. The Dolphins were 4-12 but it wasn't because of the defense. They played their butts off. Bates reminds me of a young excited Fritz Shurmur, a yeller, a screamer, but in a positive way. The Packers are lucky to have him. And the best thing for him is he's in a win-win situation and here's why: If they do better he's a miracle worker and if they suck he will have the excuse of having no talent. Great spot!

Thanks for your thoughts each week. I have read the reviews and I appreciate your straight-forward style. I think it's time Packer fans realize what is in front of us and that we may be slipping into mediocrity in the years to come. On that note, what is up with all of our guys threatening to hold out? Is it a matter of our guys being "underpaid" by NFL standards or is this the result of a diminishing draw that playing for the Packers has compared to years past? It just seems that guys used to play for less to have the chance to play in Green Bay. I know we're a small market team, but we have to remain competitive to keep and bring in good players. How in the world will the team resolve all of these issues?
Jason, Chandler, AZ

Harry says: Jason, they all want to get paid. It's business now not just football. For example, take Grady Jackson. He's mad because he has had more impact when healthy then any other defensive linemen but yet he's paid the least of all of the starters. Whether he's right or wrong in the business world, how would you like it? Trust me I'm not taking his side, but this is how I see it. I don't think our guys are underpaid I just think they think they are better then they are. It's not about playing in Green Bay, it is about winning in Green Bay because they can play anywhere.

Jason, to be honest with you, it seems every time the Packers put out one fire another one starts. Maybe that's bad management from the past kicking them in the butt now!

Harry Sydney

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