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Here are some recent letters received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Athletes are way too greedy
The fans are the problem in professional sports! Just as we pay ever higher taxes for the government to waste, we pay ever higher ticket/concession prices to enrich a few prima donna athletes. At the risk of sounding racist, I must point out that most players in the major sports are minorities, and I doubt that their college education has prepared them like it would a non-sports student.

With that in mind, you'd think they'd be grateful for their God-given ability in sports, and the exhorbitant money they are paid, It seems that they are just filled with greed and narcicism, and many behave worse than if they were still in the ghetto. Javon may be a nice guy, but he's also a greedy, selfish person. His current contract is worth more than I made in 50 years of working but it's not enough for him.

I am completely disgusted with the players that act like this and it's time for the owners to say "enough is enough, winning isn't everything." Packer fans stuck with the team through 20 years of misery, and we'll stick with them if they stand up to greedy players and shyster agents like Rosenhaus.
Grant Thomas, Brookfield, WI

Pay them game-to-game – period!
Hey Todd:
Maybe Drew Rosenhaus and Leigh Steinberg may be on to something. I can live with players wanting to renegotiate their contracts. Let them. However, the stipulation is that there is not a guaranteed salary, and signing bonuses are history. If you win you get paid X. If you lose you get paid Y, and if you don't meet the performance levels - ie: your TD passes, catches vs drops, fumbles, INT's, # of tackles, number of sacks, etc.

Pay on a per game basis: Stellar performance you get paid and paid well. Average performance - you get paid average salary. A sub-par performance - you are paid sub par. IMAGINE THE COMPETITION IN THOSE GAMES! People like Randy Moss might want to then think twice for taking plays off.

Why should the fans, advertisers and teams have to pay people for doing a crappy job? Doesn't work like that in the REAL world.
Joe Cousineau, Woodbury MN

Packers have to stand firm
I am 100% in agreement with everything you said in your article on Javon Walker. I am a 61-year-old Packer fan that has been a fan since Lombardi arrived on the scene. I hope the Packer organization stands firm and doesn't give an inch in this issue. It is about time that examples are made to send a message to the players that a contract is a contract and nobody is entitled to demand a new deal.

Frankly, I hope Walker, Jackson and Franks all sit out the season and pay the price for their stupidity. I also hope the Pack refuses to seek a trade for him.
Bruce Kelsey, Cypress, CA

Walker, Jackson are fools
Great article on the Walker contract situation. Walker should get in camp and prove that last year was no fluke and I'm sure the Packers will take care of him. Up until last year, he was largely considered a bust/underachiever as a first round pick anyways. He had only shown flashes in his first two years. The first year he lives up to his draft status does not mean he should get more money immediately. The Walker camp doesn't have a leg to stand on in my opinion.

Grady Jackson is also getting some bad advice from Rosenhaus, too. Jackson said he went koo-koo when he saw the contract the Vikings gave Pat Williams and he said he knows he's better than him and other top-paid DTs like him. 23 tackles, 1 sack total last season better, huh Jackson? What exactly is "outperforming your contract" these guys are using these days?

I'm a big-time Vikings fan by the way :-), but these guy's arguments make them look downright foolish.
Staff Sgt. Jerron Barnett, 33d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Holdouts disrupt chemistry
Harry Sydney is 100% DEAD WRONG when he says Brett Favre crossed the line in speaking out against Javon Walker's potential holdout. In a day when most teams have talented athletes, the key ingredient that can determine success or failure for a team is team chemistry/unit. If Walker does hold out, he will be a distraction to his teammates and a disruption to team chemistry/unit, and will likely prevent the Packers from going as far as that might otherwise would have. When that happens, he will be taking money out of the pockets of every person in the Packers organization. In this way, Walker isn't just risking hurting himself by holding out, he's risking hurting every member in the organization. Therefore, not only should Brett Favre be publicly speaking out against Walker's potential holdout, every member of the organization should be shouting a healthy "amen."
Ken Parrish, Lynchburg, VA

Packers stock is worthless?
Mr. Korth,
I just got done reading Mr. McClure's letter in which he felt "foolish" for purchasing "worthless" Packer stock because he's not getting extra consideration for tickets because of it. While I sympathize with his plight over not being able to get tickets to games and special events, I'm shocked that he feels ripped off for spending $200 on his share of stock because it doesn't entitle him to special ticket buying rights, etc.

I too am a stock holder but differ from Mr. McClure in that I couldn't be more proud of that fact and think the benefits of being a stock holder are in knowing you put your money where your mouth when it comes to supporting your team. In addition, the Packers have gone above and beyond the last 3 years in offering something special for stockholders to do when attending the annual meeting. This year we'll be treated to an exclusive team practice. Most of all though, I feel being a stockholder is almost a right of passage for a Packer fan. As everyone knows, the Packers are the only community owned professional sports franchise. That started out of necessity when generations of fans had to put up money or see their team die like all the rest of the "town" teams but it's turned into a blessing for Packer fans. We don't have an owner looking to line his pockets. Instead the franchise can turn every dollar back into making the Packers better.

Mr. McClure should be proud that he's one of a relatively small number of people who can say that they "own" a piece of the Pack. He can pass that pride down to his children and their children. It's quite a legacy and if he'd just take a moment, he'd know that his "worthless" share of stock in more priceless than any autograph or jersey or even game tickets he could buy for the same money. If he doesn't feel that way, he should consider selling his share back to the team (as is his right). I'm sure he could get tickets to a game for the $200 he'd recoup and then maybe he'd feel like he was getting his money's worth. He's obviously missing the point and that is really sad, especially for someone who thinks of himself as a true Packer fan.
Kim Prine, Madison, WI

Vikings fan likes Walker's move
Dear Todd,
As a die hard Viking Fan, only 3 words come to my mind "Right on, Javon"!
Rick McArthur, Black River Falls, WI

Walker making a mistake
Fellow Fans:
I agree with Mr. Korth's article, that if we give Javon the money he wants, and to a point deserves (for I believe he IS underpaid) we will have the problem multi-fold next year. What bothers me is that Javon understands this as well. He is intelligent by all accounts, but he is listening to his agent who is telling him to sit. Walker: you are going about getting your money the wrong way! I believe the Packers should start a new trend, one that would help all football, with more incentive-based contracts. Yes, they are messy and hard to compute because they rely on the TEAM instead of the individual.

The Green Bay Packers are a team. They are not Brett Favre, Ahman Green or Javon Walker, they are a team. They do well together and they have games they don't do well together. It takes personal sacrifice- and in some cases that will mean a monetary amount as well. I am not naive. If the Packers would adopt this strategy, they would lose some very talented players. It would happen ... they ALL have to buy into this. But just imagine if it would come true: a team that works together beyond the dollar signs to play the best ball they can for themselves, the fans and the integrity of the game. I could cheer for a team like that if they were 0-16. (But I bet they wouldn't be.)
Jason Eckes, Middleton, WI

Teams limited with holdouts
I won't waste my time expressing my personal feelings about Drew Rosenhaus and what his tactics are doing to the NFL and the Packers.

I do believe that a player has a right to hold out, but I think that it is very unfair that team is so limited in negotiation options because of salary cap and roster limit rules. Either they continue to keep the player on the roster - taking up a roster spot as well as salary cap room - or cut the player which may also have cap implications.

I think holdouts would be fair if the teams weren't hit so hard. If the salary cap variable were eliminated or at least lessened, a player could sit out and the player and team could negotiate in terms of relative value of how the player plays - not on whether the team can survive cutting the player or not.
Eric Hankwitz, Boston, MA

Let them sit!
Hi Todd,
Great article on Javon Walker's brainwashing. He, Greedy Jackson, and T.O. can all sit on the unemployment line this season for all I care.
Stu Nichols, Tupper Lake, NY

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