Sydney Speaks! Why the Packers will finish 6-10

With training camp beginning this week, it's time to break down the Green Bay Packers' 2005 schedule. Let's look at who they should beat and why, and what their record might be. Remember this is all based on off-season moves, holdouts, and past performances because no one really knows what can and will happen. Injuries can change everything, so the only thing you can count on is nothing. So here we go!

Sunday, Sept. 11 against the Detroit Lions should be a win, but I don't think it will be a cakewalk like in the past. The Packers should score points again, but can they stop what could be an awesome offense if Jeff Garcia is at the helm? If the Lions can figure it out and spread Green Bay's defense out, it could be trouble. I don't expect that to happen, so here's a win. (1-0).

Sunday, Sept. 18 versus the Browns without their warrior at TE. This should be a no doubt win. The Browns have a new coach who will bring fire to them, but this is another Packers win. (2-0).

Sunday, Sept 25 in my opinion should be another win, but it's scary because last year Tampa Bay's offense started to figure it out late in the year. The Bucs defense has suffered lately, but their defensive line, as always, caused the Packers trouble in the past. If Tampa's offense does anything it will be a struggle for the Packers, but a win's a win. (3-0).

Monday, Oct. 3 is when all good things come to an end for Green Bay. The Carolina Panthers might just be too much for the Packers. Carolina's defense was slowed early last year but finished the season on a high note. The Panthers offense has improved which will put an end to the Packers' three-game winning streak. (3-1).

Sunday, Oct. 9 is another win for the Packers, giving them a good start but it won't be that easy. It all depends on what quarterback Aaron Brooks does. Can the Packers stop the Deuce McAllister? The Saints have been close on defense, but the Packers offense should be able to outscore them in a shootout. Another win. (4-1).

Oct. 16 bye week 4-1. Good job!

Sunday, Oct. 23 is the start of a brutal series of games that will make or break this team, starting with the Minnesota Vikings. This will be a loss because the Vikings, at this time, on paper should beat the Packers. (4-2).

Sunday, Oct 30 at Cincinnati will be a very good game, but I think that Cincinnati might have turned the corner with a strong running game and a young quarterback ready to win. The Packers will struggle and limp away with another loss. (4-3).

Sunday, Nov. 6 against the Steelers will be too physical for the Packers. The "Bus" (Jerome Bettis) will be too much for this defense, along with everything else the Steelers bring. This is another loss. (4-4).

Sunday, Nov. 13 the Packers go from playing the "Bus" to what might be the greatest athlete in the NFL Mike Vick. The Falcons are a power-running team with a passing attack that will put too much pressure on the Packers' defense. Also, the Falcons are a pretty good defensive team. Another loss. (4-5).

Monday, Nov. 21 the Packers face the Vikings at home, but nothing will change. The Vikings will still be too tough for the Packers and this will be another loss. (4-6).

Sunday, Nov. 27 the Packers go to a place where they haven't been able to win, and the Ghost of the Eagles will keep things the same. The Eagles will be too much with or without "T.O." (Terrell Owens). Philadelphia's defense and offense will do what they have done over the years and that's make the Packers beat themselves again. Another loss. (4-7).

Sunday, Dec. 4 at Chicago will be an interesting game. On paper the Bears are healthy and they have improved their offense. So in this game, the Bears win at home. A loss. (4-8).

Sunday, Dec. 11 is a game the Packers will win because they have to. They are playing at home and the crowd will pull them through it, hopefully. A win. (5-8).

Monday, Dec. 19 the Ravens will physically beat up the Packers because the Packers don't play well against teams that are physical. Ray Lewis and the defense will be too much. With Jamal Lewis at running back, along with their improved passing game, will not be stopped by Green Bay. A loss. (5-9).

Monday, Dec. 25 will be a well-needed win against the Bears for the home team. (6-9).

Sunday, Jan. 1 Seattle will come in needing a victory and finally get one because, by this time, the Packers will physically and mentally be tired from a long season. (6-10).

Green Bay's regular season record could very easily be 6-10. With that said, I expect Mike Sherman to coach his butt off this year because this team is up against the wall. The schedule-makers didn't do the Packers any favors. Sherman is a good man, nice guy, good dad but this year we will find out really just how good of a coach he is. If he can put a winning season together, he deserves a new contract and should be considered a great coach!

Harry Sydney

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