Sydney Speaks! Walker, Jackson too impatient

Well, well, well. Javon Walker and Grady Jackson are here in training camp. What's up with that? Let's take a look at WHY! Also, how come Bubba's not here!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. It's about the mean green. The O Jays said it best: It's the root of everything people do stupid things for it and for the Packer fans be glad Walker and Jackson came to their senses. But understand it's not all over yet. I think there are other chapters to this book. They both wanted money but I believe for different reasons. The similarities were that they both had no leg to stand on. Even if the Packers wanted to give them money, they couldn't because it would start a tidal wave that they couldn't stop.

I also believe the NFL has been watching closely to see how the Packers and Philadelphia Eagles were going to handle things. Their was a lot of peer pressure for the Packers to just say NO. It was like Grady and Javon were playing Texas Hold 'em with a pair of 2's and the Packers were holding aces. They had to wait to see the river card before they realized it was time to fold even though they knew they couldn't WIN!

Now let's look at them individually. Javon! His head got too big and he was a victim of his own impatience. He didn't, I believe, want to realize that all good things come in time and greatness comes in time not overnight. He wanted big money because he was trying to run with the big dogs and he's still just a puppy with a big bark sitting on the porch. Yes, he's good but he hasn't shown he can be consistently great and he wanted to be paid that way. Wrong move on his part but the best thing about it is that he and Drew realized their strategy didn't work before it cost him money. So as much as you want to think the Packers won, they didn't. Both sides did because it didn't cost the Packers or Javon anything. It was a business decision that Walker and his agent made to skip the off-season minicamps. Let's get it straight: Walker coming in to camp had nothing to do with what Brett Favre had to say. It had to do with if he didn't show up it would have cost him money because he would have gotten fined. So let's say he didn't have a leg to stand on. The smartest thing is that Javon figured it out. HE IS PRETTY SMART!

Now for Grady. I understand why he thinks he deserves more money and that's because when he does play he has been the best defensive linemen of the starters and now is the lowest paid. Look at what Kabeer has done. He is great against the pass, but terrible against the run. Cletidus Hunt is a bust and Aaron Kampman is only making more money because the Vikings played the game this off-season. However, they are all making more than Grady. Everyone wants to be paid what they are worth and so does Grady. His problem is that, like Walker, they can't get blood out of a rock and the Packers are between a rock and a hard place.

These guys need to learn how to negotiate. You don't get anything done by trying to hold a team hostage. You get things done by working your butt off and being the best and making them have to pay you because they can't win without you. And let's stop blaming the agents because they work for the players not vice-versa. Drew Rosenhaus is getting a lot of heat for trying to get the best for his client, but he is just doing his job.

Now for Bubba, I feel bad for him because he has done everything right for this organization and now they aren't giving him any "LOVE". Where is the Packers' loyalty? Sometimes you must reward people and not just go by the book. I know everyone's replaceable in football, but who's going to take Bubba's place? Why wouldn't they make this guy happy and tie him up for years to come so they can worry about the other problems they will face in the years to come.

Javon and Walker played the wrong cards with the Packers and they lost. But the Packers are playing the wrong card with Bubba and I hope they won't lose!

Harry Sydney

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