Walker press conference

Transcript of wide receiver's responses to questions from the media

Javon Walker faced the Green Bay Packers media Friday for the first time since reporting to training camp. Here are his responses to questions:

Why did you report to training camp?
JW: "After talking it over with my family, my agent, Drew Rosenhaus, it was the best decision to do. Get into camp. I knew I wasn't going to miss any time for football, so it was best to get into camp and get ready for another season, so we can try to go to a Super Bowl.

"It's better to be in camp and try to work things out and keep it in-house, than trying to make it a public ordeal."

Any regrets?
JW: "I don't regret anything. … I'm happy with the decisions that I've made up to this point so far. That's what I'm proud of. I have no regrets. Things are going to work out, and I'm happy to be here in training camp."

What do you think the whole thing accomplished?
"I guess we got an idea of what I'm leaning toward. It's a good way to put things out there and see how things can go from there. We tried to do it in a most positive way. I still think he went in a positive direction. Me being a Packers is always what I've wanted to be. The fans are great. I've always wanted to be a Packers, but if there are things you want to get done, you've got to make it noticeable and things can happen."

Do you have a timetable for a new contract?
JW: "I don't have a timetable for a new contract. That's something the Packers and my agent are discussing. I'm just out here catching balls and trying to play to the best of my ability."

Have you told people that your contract is going to be a big one when they agree to it?
JW: "No, I haven't communicated to people. I want it to be based off my performance. That's why I'm here working. That's why I want to get into camp because football for me is a dream. I didn't want to take nothing away from the game. That's why I wanted to come in and make myself better, and also help the team get better and also win."

Have you had a chance to talk to Brett Favre yet?
JW: "Me and him talked in the locker room. There was no hard feelings. He had his opinions and I had mine. Now we're at work. We know we're on the same level now, so it's time to just go out and play."

Did you take any of Favre's comments personally, or was that business-related?
JW: "No, that's just business-wise. … I didn't take anything personal. Words really can't hurt me. It was kind of funny to me but I also used it as: If you're out on the field practicing and the coach is not gettin' on you that means there's a problem. If the coach is getting' on you that means he has something in you that he wants you to bring out. I just looked at Brett wanting me here as a positive thing."

Have the Packers made you any promises about re-doing your contract?
JW: "That's things that I don't know. My agent knows that. … I just stay out of it now and work on football."

When did you change your mind about reporting to training camp?
JW: "I changed my mind probably the day before reporting day, which was Tuesday night."

If you are not offered a new contract during training camp, will you walk out?
JW: "No, I don't think so. I'm here now. I'm here to play the season. I'm here now and all the way up to December. There's no way I'm going to miss out on this year's football season. I love football too much to try to miss out on it."

When you're not totally happy with your contract, is there any problem focusing on doing what you need to do?
JW: "Obviously, there's a situation that we're still trying to take care of, but that's not taking away from me doing the things I need to do as far as playing. I'm just going to leave that alone now and treat it like it never happened, and just go out and play football and be hungry all over again. Last year I was hungry and this year it's probably even worse. I'm hungrier."

Did you feel that you needed to be in training camp because you missed the minicamps?
JW: "Training camp is a good experience for going into the season. When you come out here, you get live hitting. You get live route-running. This is where you want to be to prepare yourself going into the regular season. This is where the conditioning comes in, day in and day out, running routes, so I thought it was necessary for me to be here."<

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