Sydney Speaks! What could they be thinking?

Over the last couple of weeks we've hit on the offense, defense, players, coaches and even the scouting department. We've gone down the paths of what they do or should do. Now let me take you on a journey of what might be going through their minds as training camp starts. I don't actually know what they are thinking but I've been through my share of camps during my career as a player and coach.

Remember, these are my opinions so let's start first with the Head Coach!

Mike Sherman
He must be saying that this is his time to shine and is auditioning for his future. He might be still pissed that he got the GM title taken from him but now he realizes it's a blessing in disquise because he's back to doing what he loves and that's football. Someone else is responsible for all the off-field craziness.

Sherman now can talk to players with ease and players now can talk to him differently. In the past few years the players would wonder exactly who were they talking to - the Head Coach or the General Manager? Believe me they relate differently. There are no more Mike McKenzie nightmares for Sherman. Now he's saying thank you Bob Harlan.

Sherman can now sit in the coach's meetings and wonder why this play didn't work or what went well, not call this agent back before some deadline. I believe Mike is excited about his opportunity and has prepared intensely for training camp. He has a plan and we know this because he has already stated that he is calling the plays. So Mike is thinking "Let the games begin!"

William Henderson
He is probably saying, "Here we go another training camp where they are going to try to replace me with Nick Luchey again. He's wondering what do I have to do to get respect around here? Or he might be thinking that maybe he might get a chance to run the ball this year. He might also be thinking just how will Edgar Bennett do in his first year as a NFL running backs coach? He also just might be trying to figure out how long is he going to play this game, considering he never thought he would play more than five years after he was drafted.

Bubba Franks
He must be thinking he's in a bad dream.

Especially since there have been contracts given to guys for huge amounts of money, and they didn't deserve it. Franks is a guy who has been nothing but a team player and a Pro Bowler and he's watching from the fence.

Franks is probably saying, 'Why, Mike, couldn't you last one more year until I got paid?' Bubba also is probably questioning his worth because no one was beating down his door when they had an opportunity to in the past five months. Here's a guy that's given the Packers everything he has on the field. If I were him I might be thinking WHY?

Grady Jackson
Here's a guy that is thinking that he's better than he is. He's hurt all the time and he thinks he's as good as someone like Ted Washington and wants his money. So really he's not thinking because if he was he would of lost some weight and got in better shape and not signed with DREW!

Or maybe he might have looked at the other starters and thought just because he had a bigger impact than them he should be paid more. Maybe he's right but then again which of them are really that good? So maybe he is the best of the average but how can you demand something when you haven't passed your physical?

Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers is saying, 'Yeah, I'm a first round draft pick that gets to come to training camp and sit and watch.' I get to hurry up and wait. What fun.'

Yes, he's saying all the right things but he must feel like the Maytag repair man. He's expected to take Brett's place whenever that happens. Talk about pressure. He must be thinking do they really want me on the field because when he gets on, Brett's off. NO ONE WANTS TO FOLLOW A LEGEND!

Ahmad Carroll
He must be saying, 'I'm going to prove that I can play without holding. I can play without getting a penalty. Just because I got a lot last year and the coaches yelled at me in minicamp I can change.'

Carroll is a former track star, but he knows he has to be an NFL player. Also he might be thinking that if he doesn't shape up, Joey Thomas is waiting for the opportunity.

Jim Bates
He must be thinking he died and went to heaven.

He's surrounded by young and eager talent all wanting to prove themselves to him. He inherited a woeful defense, make no mistake about it. If he does anything to help them improve he's a miracle worker. If he can't, then most would say he just didn't have the talent. To top it off - if this team does struggle and changes are made, guess who might just be first in line to become the next Head Coach of your Green Bay Packers? Talk about timing.

Bates must be thinking, 'Come on guys, answer the bell, listen to me coach, work my defense, work my technique, and let's stop the run.

Defensive line
It must be thinking it's open competition because Jackson wants to be traded, Cletidus Hunt missed the minicamps and should be in the doghouse. They threw Aaron Kampman out like a boomerang and he came back, and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is only a pass rusher. So if I were any of the young guns I'd be thinking seize the moment because there is no better time then NOW at CAMP!

Harry Sydney

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