The NFL draft is later this month and because of some smart off-season moves by the Packers, it's not so simple to pick the position the Packers will draft with the 28th pick in the first round.<p>

The trade for Terry Glenn ended the club's search for a No. 1 wide receiver. The signing of Joe Johnson ended the team's search for a defensive end capable of playing every down, just like Vonnie Holliday does on the opposite side. The re-signing of Mike Wahle ended any possibility of the Packers picking an offensive lineman in the first round.

So, where do the Packers go?

Three positions seem possible in the first round – defensive tackle, safety and wide receiver, if the Packers don't add another veteran wideout. I didn't list middle linebacker as a position, because there are no middle linebackers worthy of a first-round pick.

Let's look at each of the three positions:

Defensive tackle is the top priority. Cletidus Hunt will start in Santana Dotson's old spot, but who will be there with him in the Packers' front four? Gilbert Brown still could be re-signed, but have you seen him play a full game lately, or 40 snaps? Steve Warren is coming along nicely from a torn quadriceps, while Rod Walker has potential.

It seems these players will work well in a rotation, but there doesn't seem to be that difference-maker among the group. The draft is deep at defensive tackle, but there appears to be a lot of teams also in need of one.

Most mock drafts include five defensive tackles to be selected in the first round, and none of them are reaching Green Bay's spot. So, if defensive tackle isn't possible, what about a safety? Personally, I'm not big on drafting safeties in the first round, unless they are can't-miss prospects like Oklahoma's Roy Williams.

Last year, two safeties were first-round picks, but only one made a difference – St. Louis' Adam Archuleta – when he wasn't suffering a concussion. Oakland's Derrick Gibson was a non-factor.

Also, the Packers can look at their own roster for an answer here. Antuan Edwards was a first-round pick, but what has he done but get injured? Also, LeRoy Butler and Darren Sharper were second-round picks, and from what I can remember both have been pretty good players. So scratch safety.

How about wide receiver? Glenn and second-year receiver Robert Ferguson could be the starters, but who's No. 3? Donald Driver might leave and Charles Lee is mostly unproven, but has talent.

Someone like LSU's Josh Reed would be a good addition to the wide receiver corps, but there's one problem adding him – along with Ferguson and Glenn, three receivers Brett Favre has never thrown a pass to in a regular-season game. Still, if Reed is on the draft board and it's time to pick, Reed might be the best option.

A darkhorse pick to consider is running back. Running back? Yes. Ahman Green is a stud, but who's his backup? Rondell Mealey is coming off a cracked right fibula and he tore his knee up the previous season. He's injury prone.

Herbert Goodman lacks natural running instincts, so forget him. Green gets injured and what happens? Keep an eye on running back, if everything else fails.

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