Hunt staying put at tackle

Since Joe Johnson, a two-time Pro Bowl player is signed and sealed with the Green Bay Packers, it is unlikely that Green Bay will pursue a veteran free agent tackle or select a tackle high in the upcoming NFL draft. That's mainly because Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman wants to use fourth-year pro Cletidus Hunt solely at tackle, instead of switching between end and tackle.<p>

"In defense of Cletidus, we've moved him around so much, he's never really felt at home in any one position," said Sherman. "He can just stay at that ‘3 technique' (tackle) and play it well. At 308 to 310 pounds, he's a formidable guy because he has great quickness as well.

"It really started out with me wanting him to be an inside player, as opposed to him being an outside player and us getting a ‘3 technique.' Also, we're going to work and try to get Gilbert and company inside there. ... I think we're helping ourselves because we're stronger inside because Cletidus is now inside."

Last year, Hunt missed the first four games due to a suspension that he had to serve for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. He played in the Packers' final 12 games switching between defensive end and tackle. He started four games last season in place of "elephant" end John Thierry, who suffered a knee injury.

For most of Hunt's first three seasons in Green Bay, he has switched between end and tackle. He has the speed to play end and the bulk to play tackle. The addition of Johnson allows Sherman to keep Hunt inside for good.

"I really felt like we had to find an impact player on offense and an impact player on defense. I looked long and hard on offense and I thought that Terry Glenn can help us there. Defensively, I felt like (Johnson) could help us. We had a list of different guys behind Joe, but no one was close to him in regard to what they could do immediately. He will line up at the elephant position for us. We have Vonnie Holliday on the other side. We put ourselves in a position to have two very stout, athletic defensive ends."

Sherman indicated that the Packers intend to re-sign veteran nose tackle, and fan favorite, Gilbert Brown. They also are high on tackles Rod Walker and Billy Lyon. He also said that he prefers that the Packers suit up eight linemen for each game "in order to be an effective defense. They have to stay fresh."

So, the addition of Johnson will have a positive ripple effect throughout the line.

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