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Here are some recent letters and e-mails received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Sydney too hard on Packers
Mr. Sydney,
With all due respect, your articles have been absolutely ridiculous! I wouldn't be surprised if you went home at night and tucked yourself in under a nice Minnesota Vikings comforter. It is obvious that you are one of the "anti-Packer" Packer fans! How about reporting some of the good things going on in the organization once in a while? All the negativity gets old and if it doesn't change, I will shut my eyes and close my ears to anything you have to say about the Green Bay Packers.
Robert Martin, Underwood, N.D.

McNabb, writer out of line
I live on the East Coast and I've been a Packer fan since the early 1960s. I've had enough of these East Coast sportswriters, and Donovan Mcnabb, beating up on Brett Favre for his comments on Javon Walker and Walker's contract. Walker and the Packers signed a contract in good faith, and both should honor it until it expires. Then it is time to negotiate a new contract. Brett Favre has reworked his contract numerous times to help the Packers re-sign their free agents. When McNabb has done as much for the Eagles as Favre has done for the Packers, then he should open his mouth. By the way, the East Coast reporter is Steve Smith. Thank you, I feel better now.
George Schwetje, Rahway, N.J.

Favre can speak his mind
I noticed a comment you made that you should never comment on another player's business. I disagree, I understand that this is a business but I feel Brett, or any other teammates has every right to discuss the decision of another teammate holding out. Sure, it's a business, but to some guys like Brett, it's still a game and he wants to win. Like he said, when he won the Super Bowl, there wasn't any of this crap.

I think a player has every right to hold out, but he better be willing to take guff from everyone when he does it. Fans, teammates, media, whoever. Players definitely lose touch with reality pretty fast. When I make a personal decision to quit my job, or take time off, you better believe I understand that it's gonna affect someone else and they may not be happy about it. They have every right to express their opinions because it becomes personal for them, too. Thanks, Harry. Nathan A. Crowe, Weston, WI

Vikings, Bears are no threat
Hi, Todd!
Hello to all the Viking and Bear fans who are reading and chiming in on the Pack. I guess you're still interested in what's going on in Packerland even though the "prognosis" has the Vikes overtaking the Pack this year for the NFC crown. While the Vikes have some new faces in town, they are on the defensive side of the ball. Without a suitable replacement for Randy Moss, our defense can now keep up with Duante and company. No more long scrambles or whatever that arm-rolling celebration that he does when he throws a TD pass, despite being down by 14. There's always the mystery of the late season collapse. It's like the monsoon season in Arizona, you can set your watch to it. Maybe it's a curse, like the one the Red Sox had. A team that goes 15-1 in the regular season and doesn't go to the Super Bowl is cursed! Sure, you won the playoff game at Lambeau, but come on, whoever won that game was doomed at Philadelphia anyway.

As far as you Bear fans go, I have only one thing to say. With Cedric Benson coming into town, we hope that you won't have too many nightmare flashbacks of the Curtis Enis fiasco.

Wishing you all a great 2005 season!
Jason, Chandler, AZ

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