Look out! Blitz pickup woeful

Packers seemed to be caught by surprise in scrimmage

Fortunately for Aaron Rodgers, he was wearing red. If he wasn't, he may not have been able to answer questions from the media after the Packers' Family Night scrimmage Friday because he would be hurting.

The Buffalo Bills blitzed the Packers a number of times in the scrimmage, finishing with eight sacks. During the scrimmage and in practice, quarterbacks wear red jerseys and are not to be tackled. Rodgers was sacked, or tagged down, three times in the scrimmage and may have been hospitalized had he not been wearing red.

"It's good for me because I'm going to make mistakes," said Rodgers, who completed 1 of 7 passes in the scrimmage. A few of his attempts were hurried because of pressure.

"We're going to get better as an offense. With the second and third unit, with me leading them, we're going to get better as an offense, understanding how to pick those up and how to adjust to those (sacks)."

Brett Favre was sacked once. Backups Craig Nall and J.T. O'Sullivan were each sacked twice.

The Packers can expect a number of blitzes this season, especially up the middle where they are rebuilding the guard position. The first-unit offensive line Friday included Mike Flanagan at center, Grey Ruegamer at left guard and Atlas Herrion at right guard. Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton played the tackle positions.

"We just have to communicate," said Herrion. "That's what happens when you've got a new line together. It has to come together and jell. I don't feel like we did as good as we can do on it, or we are going to do, but we're coming."

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