Sydney Speaks! Why Packers organization is great

Many "unsung heroes" from within pitch in

Training camp is in full swing and and everyone is trying to find the answers to the same questions that have been asked for the last three or four years, such as where's the pass rush coming from? The new question this year, though, is how will the offensive line do? Have no fear because this column is about the unsung heroes that make this Green Bay Packers organization one of the best in the NFL.

Bob Harlan
He's a man of integrity and lives by that code. He really cares what happens with the people that are Packer fans. He may be the only president in the world that answers his own phone. Talk about old school. He's a guy that understands it's a business, but is trying to keep it a game for the fans. He's an owner that knows what his strengths are. To sum it up: He's a class act. Harlan demands it from everyone else by making them feel they are important. With that you will have success. A SOLID LEADER!

Gordon "RED" Batty
He's the equipment manager. Why is he important? He might be one of the most important guys the players deal with because he protects them. "RED" is not just a guy, he's an icon throughout the league but he so much more. Let me tell you about one of the things this man has done that goes beyond equipment managing that makes him special. I am president of a mentoring program for boys and men called My Brothers Keeper. One of my clients had a bad upbringing. When he got out of prison he would talk about playing football because he did it when he was young then got in trouble but was never able to continue. So he tried out for the Green Bay Blizzard, an arena football league team, but didn't make it. It was still his dream so I told him about some of the semi-pro teams here in Green Bay, so he went out for this team called the Bobcats. In our next meeting he told me he loved it but he had no equipment and couldn't afford to buy some. So I called "RED" and he had me send him and he helped this guy we will call "Mike" out. "Red" made him feel like he was Brett Favre. Threw his connections, Red got Mike pads, old jerseys, gloves and even a couple pair of shoes. He took Mike through the locker room and took him to lunch and introduced him to some of the players that were in the locker room as well.

Red helped Mike believe that someone else cared. Because of the things he's learned in my program and because of Red's kindness Mike has a good job and he's being a responsible member in our community. This is an example of what type of people the Packers organization has that makes it special. They help people fulfill DREAMS!

Family Night
What a great concept and idea. A way to allow those that can't afford a regular game ticket to come to see their favorites in action for basically nothing. A night where families can watch an organized scrimmage, have fun and then watch fireworks. Only in Green Bay is this done. It's a way for the organization to say thanks for the unbelievable support. Remember even though there were ticket issues, as usual, a handful of fools messed it up for everyone else because of their greed. It's not the Packers fault. It's nice to see that they still believe in the goodness of man. The sign of this organization's love for the people is how they responded to the problem. The Packers changed the limit for next year so that Joe the working guy can be assured that he will be able to buy tickets for him and his family. They chose to be part of the solution instead of the problem "NICE TO SEE THE LOYALTY"!

LaFawn Joslin
She's the receptionist and she does a great job of making everyone that calls feel important. Her job is one of the most important in the organization because she' the first voice most people hear on the phone.

Many others
There are so many people that make this organization special such as Jerry Parins, Head of Security. He does his job with excellence and pride, but with compassion. Mark Schiefelbein and Mark Wagner go out of their ways to help everyone experience what it's like to be part of the Packer Family.

What about the offensive line? Don't worry. "BIG BEIG" (Larry Beightol) is probably the best line coach in the NFL.

It's not just the players that come and go that make a team it's the people that stay and work hard every day that make an organization. These people are just a few of the people that help make the PACKERS A DYNASTY.

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney's column appears each Tuesday and Friday on Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers.

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