Scrimmage injury report

The Green Bay Packers made it through Friday night's Family Night scrimmage against the Buffalo Bills without any major injuries.

RB Najeh Davenport injured his right ankle early in the scrimmage, but seemed to be OK afterward. He was limping off the field on his own.

WR Craig Bragg injured his left knee during the scrimmage, but the extent of the injury was not immediately known.

DT Cletidus Hunt did not suit up for the scrimmage because of tendinitis in his left knee and an injured right shoulder, according to Packers coach Mike Sherman.

Other players who did not participate in the scrimmage included: cornerbacks Al Harris (quadriceps), Joey Thomas (calf), Jason Horton (chest), Chris Johnson (shin); nose tackle Grady Jackson (knee); linebackers Brady Poppinga (hamstring) and Kurt Campbell (calf); running backs Walt Williams (ankle) and Chaz Williams (broken ankle); tight end David Martin (groin); wide receivers Terrence Murphy (hamstring) and Sam Breeden (hip flexor); defensive end R-Kal Truluck (hamstring); offensive linemen Brad Bedell (hamstring) and Matt O'Dwyer (neck).

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