Walker, Carroll fight at practice

With his penchant for holding, second-year Packers cornerback Ahmad Carroll has been a regular source of irritation for the coaching staff. During Sunday morning's practice at Clarke Hinkle Field, Carroll became a major source of irritation for wide receiver Javon Walker.

During the practice-ending 11-on-11 session, Carroll and Walker got into a fight, with Carroll absorbing a couple of good shots before Walker was pulled away by teammates.

Carroll lined up in press coverage against Walker. Carroll got a good jam at the line of scrimmage, and Walker was unable to break free from Carroll's grasp. The players fell to the turf, with Carroll's helmet either coming off during the fall or being torn off by Walker. Either way, Walker landed on top of Carroll and punched him once in the chin and again in the forehead before being pulled away.

The players lined up again on the next snap. Carroll again was in press coverage. To break free, Walker emphatically pushed off, with his open palm jabbing into Carroll's facemask. Carroll lurched backward a couple of steps from the force of Walker's push-off.

After practice, Walker tried making light of the situation. After several "no comments," Walker began laughing.

"I sound like T.O., don't I?" Walker said, referring to his friend, controversial Eagles receiver Terrell Owens. Walker then started doing sit-ups, as Owens did in front of reporters at his house a few days earlier.

Later in practice, tensions had apparently eased. Carroll lined up against Walker again. It was a running play. Walker could have gone after Carroll as a blocker but chose not to.

Packers coach Mike Sherman said he wasn't surprised to see tempers flare as training camp drags on for the players.

"Certainly, you get to that point in preseason where your nerves are worn a little bit thin, you're tired of hearing the coaches and playing against the same guys and so forth and so on, but that's just part of training camp."

Carroll lined up with the No. 1 defense again Sunday. Joey Thomas, who opened camp as the starter after working diligently with the team throughout the offseason, returned to practice after being sidelined by a calf injury for most of camp. Thomas teamed with rookie Mike Hawkins to form the second-team corners. The four corners, along with safeties Nick Collins and Mark Roman, formed the dime grouping.

Carroll, last season's No. 1 pick, punched Thomas, a third-rounder last season, during a team meeting last year.

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