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'Drafting Class'

Here are 12 questions on Green Bay drafts plus a "Lottery Question" to test your knowledge of Packer draft picks.<p>

1. Name the player the Packers made the top overall pick of the 1957 draft.

A. Ray Nitschke

B. Bart Starr

C. Willie Davis

D. Paul Hornung

E. Jim Taylor

2. Two years later, the Packers had the top overall pick again. Name the player Green Bay chose to kick off the 1959 draft.

A. Randy Duncan

B. Ron Kostelnik

C. Jack Losch

D. Ron Kramer

E. Fuzzy Thurston

3. Which Packer coaching rival was the team's 15th round pick in the 1974 draft?

A. Dennis Green

B. Dick Jauron

C. Steve Mariucci

D. Tony Dungy

E. Dave Wannstedt

4. Name the Packers' first round pick in 1980 who never played a down with the team.

A. Steve Atkins

B. Dave Dreschler

C. Bruce Clark

D. Larry Elkins

F. Bill Bain

5. The highest the Packers ever drafted a punter was in 1981. Name the punter the Packers picked in the third round that year.

A. Ray Stachowicz

B. Bucky Scribner

C. Rick Patridge

D. Don Bracken

E. Joe Prokop

6. Fifteen years before taking Ross Verba in the first round, the Packers chose another offensive lineman out of Iowa in the first round. Name him.

A. Mark Koncar

B. Ron Hallstrom

C. Ken Ruettgers

D. Greg Koch

E. Rich Moran

7. Who was the Packers' only top 10 pick of the first round in the 1990s?

A. Vonnie Holliday

B. Tony Mandarich

C. Brent Fullwood

D. Terrell Buckley

E. Wayne Simmons

8. Prior to Aaron Taylor in 1994, who was the last Notre Damer picked by the Packers in the first round?

A. Paul Hornung

B. Mike McCoy

C. Derrick Mayes

D. Eric Patton

E. Tim Huffman

9. Who was the last quarterback picked by the Packers in the first round?

A. Scott Hunter

B. Don Majkowski

C. Jerry Tagge

D. Rich Campbell

E. Don Horn

10. Who was the first quarterback drafted during the Ron Wolf regime?

A. Brett Favre

B. Ty Detmer

C. Mark Brunell

D. Jay Barker

E. Kyle Wachholtz

11. Who of the following was NOT a first round pick by the Packers?

A. Gale Gillingham

B. Forrest Gregg

C. Alphonso Carreker

D. Vinnie Clark

E. Herb Adderley

12. Who was the last Packers' first round draft choice to throw a pass in a game?

A. Rich Campbell

B. John Brockington

C. Sterling Sharpe

D. Jerry Tagge

E. Darrell Thompson

Lottery question: Name the Packers' 12th round pick in 1973 who played in more NFL games than the rest of the team's draft combined.


1. D, Paul Hornung. The Packers inaugurated the 1957 draft by grabbing the Heisman Trophy winner out of Notre Dame in what may have been the best first round pick in club history.

2. A, Randy Duncan. Green Bay kicked off the 1959 draft by picking Duncan, a quarterback out of Iowa but he opted for the Dallas Texans of the American Football League.

3. E, Dave Wannstedt. The Packers used the 376th overall pick of the 1974 draft to select Wannstedt, a 6-foot-4, 245-pound tackle out of Pittsburgh. Wannstedt spent one season on the Packers' injured reserve list with a neck ailment before beginning his coaching career.

4. C, Bruce Clark. Bart Starr had the fourth overall pick in the draft and was convinced that Clark, a defensive tackle out of Penn State, was willing to play for the Packers. Clark assured Starr that he wanted to be a Packer in a pre-draft get together at Penn State. Starr, though, turned out to be wrong. In his 1987 book, "My Life in Football: Starr," Starr said Clark's agent Richard Bennett had Clark quickly sign a Canadian Football League contract . Starr contended that Bennett did this so Bennett's other clients could use the CFL as "leverage against the other teams that drafted players he represented. Bennett's tactic was successful _ his clients all signed lucrative long-term contracts."

5. A. Ray Stachowicz. The Michigan State product lasted just two seasons in Green Bay, averaging 40.5 yards a punt, before Bucky Scribner took over the punting chores. Since then, the Packers have drafted four punters but none before the eighth round.

6. B, Ron Hallstrom. Verba, Hallstrom and Duncan are the only Iowa Hawkeyes picked by the Pack in the first round.

7. D, Terrell Buckley. Ron Wolf used the fifth overall pick of the 1992 draft to take Buckley, a defensive back out of Florida State.

8. B, Mike McCoy. This is Mike P. McCoy, the defensive tackle who played for the Packers from 1970 to 1976 as opposed to Mike C. McCoy, the cornerback, who played for the Packers from 1976 to 1983.

9. D, Rich Campbell. Starr, looking for a quarterback of the future, grabbed Campbell out of California with the sixth overall pick of the 1981 draft. Campbell turned out to be a bust playing just seven games in four seasons in Green Bay.

10. B, Ty Detmer. Wolf used a ninth round choice (the 230th overall) of his first draft in 1992 to take Detmer, the Heisman Trophy winner out of Brigham Young.

11. B, Forrest Gregg. Gregg, a tackle out of Southern Methodist, was the Packers' second round pick in the 1956 draft.

12. C, Sterling Sharpe. Sharpe, the Packers' first round pick in the 1988 draft, completed his only pass attempt (for one yard to Robert Brooks) in Green Bay's 37-14 romp at Tampa Bay Oct. 24, 1993.

Lottery: Larry McCarren. Green Bay chose McCarren, a center out of Illinois, with the 308th overall pick of the 1974 draft. He went on to play in 162 NFL games while the four other members of that Packer draft class who did play in the NFL (Barry Smith, Tom MacLeod, Tom Toner and Hise Austin) appeared in just 113 games.

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